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  • Sustainable Bonding for Starchy and Dextrin Containing Adhesive Systems
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    Sustainable Bonding for Starchy and Dextrin Containing Adhesive Systems

    By Kurita

    Boron acid were still up four years ago as an indispensable additive for adhesive glues and for various industrial applications. When in 2011 Boron and its derivate were included in the candidate list SVHC (substances ...

  • SVHC traceability
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    SVHC traceability

    By EcoMundo

    SVHC are substances of very high concern that belong to one of the following categories: - Carcinogenic, Mutagenic or toxic for reproduction substances (CMR category 1 or 2) - Persistent, Bioaccumulative and Toxic ...

  • Polyethylene Tube
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    Polyethylene Tube

    By Ormantine USA Ltd., Inc.

    Polyethylene tubing is a cost-effective range for the general purpose transfer of laboratory liquids. It exhibits some similar properties to PTFE tubing such as rigidity, but some reduced functionality which is ...

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  • RDC


    RDC starting life as a computer auction business, sourcing and selling second hand computer equipment to be sold at live auctions. Several years ...

  • EcoMundo


    EcoMundo is a specialist in Chemical Regulatory Compliance. Expert in scientific, technical and regulatory fields, we provide services and software ...

  • ABT Bearing

    ABT Bearing

    ABT is a young, US-owned company with a strong history. Prior to incorporation as Advantage Bearing Technologies, we have been involved in ...

  • Wasatch Environmental, Inc.

    Wasatch Environmental, Inc. is a Utah-based full-service environmental science and engineering firm, Specializes is the investigation and remediation ...