Hazardous Waste Transport

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Assessment of REMOTOX for precipitation of heavy metals in laboratory waste stream

    Abstract The scope of this study is to assess the potential of REMOTOX in cleaning up heavy metals in laboratory waste stream in an effort to reduce hazardous waste to the minimum quantity, thereby reducing transportation and disposal cost. The objective is to determine the amount of REMOTOX to be added, the reaction time for the heavy metals to precipitate and to determine its effectiv

  • Complex Health and Safety Plans (HASP)

    Health and Safety Plans (HASP)The most complex Health and Safety Plans (HASP) tend to be for hazardous waste projects or government contracts at high hazard locations. The U.S. Army Corps of ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Mobile Mercury Conversion Unit

    Mobile Mercury Conversion Unit

    Hundreds of tons of elemental mercury - amongst others the largest ever existing mercury stockpile of more than 400 tons - have already been converted to mercury sulphide and finally stored, based on our unique mobile solutions for mercury conversion. Under nitrogen atmosphere liquid mercury and Sulphur powder react in a hermetically closed reactor. Continuous, intensive mixing during the process ...