Hydrolysis Waste Treatment

Articles & Whitepapers

  • On the pre–treatment of municipal organic waste towards fuel production: a review

    Lignocelluloses are the main constituents of municipal organic waste (MOW). In order to increase the production of fuels, via fermentations, the enzymatic hydrolysis is the first step towards a valorisation process. It is well–known that the hydrolysis of lignocelluloses is not very effective because of the high stability of the constituents. In this respect the pre–treatment of MOW is necessary ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Abatement Plant

    Abatement Plant

    ODS Abatement, fridge & freezer recycling, recovery of CFC & Pentane from foam and insulation material. LESNI's combined CFC and VOC recovery plant provides the ultimate integrated solution for purifcation of ozone depleting substances. The package generally consists of several purification steps upstream of a selective catalytic abator with a tail end chemical scrubber in a compact, but ...