Incineration Feed Systems

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Monitoring of garbage chutes - Case Study

    Monitoring of garbage chutes - Case Study

    Application Waste recycling in incineration plants starts with the delivery and incineration of waste. The waste reaches the combustion chamber via a falling chute, which is followed by a hydraulic feed device. To guarantee a constant incineration process, the falling chute has to be fi lled constantly. The „high“ and „low“ limit values should be detected and ...


  • Working principle of sludge incinerator

    Working principle of sludge incinerator

    The working principle of sludge incinerator: batch feeder puts the sludge of intermittent feeding door into the converter and opens the combustion by automatic temperature control. According to the principle of combustion three t (temperature, time ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Waste Moving Systems

    Waste Moving Systems

    Reliable waste transfer equipment: We design, manufacture and install simple, smart and reliable waste moving and storage systems, for safe and smooth displacement of waste materials to be incinerated. The complete process of proper and secure storing, feeding, burning and residue removal is fully integrated in our basic design.