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  • Fly ash washing wastewater+ Leachate Concentrate Treatment Project

    Fly ash washing wastewater+ Leachate Concentrate Treatment Project

    Application: Fly Ash Washing Wastewater / Leachate Concentrate Scale: 200 tons / day of Fly Ash Washing Wastewater, 600 tons INTRODUCTION Scale: 200 tons / day of fly ash washing wastewater for incineration power plants + 600 tons / day of concentrated leachate Process: DTRO Project time: ...

  • Understanding ASTM D3174

    Understanding ASTM D3174

    Formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials, ASTM has been setting a widely-recognized and revered standard for testing and evaluating materials for well over a century. ASTM is ...


  • A paradise in danger

    A paradise in danger

    The Maldives is, to date, a paradise made of sea, sun and leisure for the millions of tourists who choose it as their holiday destination every year. The main problem of the various Resorts, which are located on small isolated ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Precious Metal Recovery Systems

    Precious Metal Recovery Systems

    ERG technology provides the solution to your precious metal recycling requirements. The ERG range of precious metal recovery incinerators are similar in concept to solid waste incinerators and are designed to burn various waste materials in a two stage process with minimum fuel usage. Precious metals remaining in the slag after incineration (typically gold, silver, platinum or palladium) are ...