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  • Pivoting Drum System
    Showcase Product

    Pivoting Drum System

    By Grande Water Management Systems

    The ACU-DRUM Pivoting Drum System is a sediment flushing device designed to remove settled debris from storm water detention tanks, combined sewer overflow (CSO) retention tanks, sanitary sewer overflow (SSO) ...

  • Sediment Trap
    Showcase Product

    Sediment Trap

    By Shand & Jurs (L&J Technologies & L&J Engineering)

    The S&J 97120 Sediment Trap is designed to drop out sediment and condensate from `wet` gas immediately downstream from the digester. This protects downstream equipment from corrosion, blockage and water hammer to ...

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  • The Air Element

    The Air Element

    Topics: Süd-Chemie in its Element: Air for life. New Research: Renewables on the rise. Biogas Plants: Maximum methane yield. Innovation: Air f

  • Inspecting & Cleaning Potable Water Storage

    Inspecting & Cleaning Potable Water Storage

    ARE YOU HAVING TROUBLE GETTING THE FUNDS YOU NEED to Inspect or clean your water storage tank? YOU NEED MY BOOK! Show your Director, or Manag

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  • GE Healthcare Life Sciences

    GE Healthcare Life Sciences

    At GE Healthcare Life Sciences, we strive to develop breakthrough products that inspire our customers to push the limits of imaginative science.

  • Sauereisen Inc.

    Sauereisen Inc.

    Sauereisen - A Leader in the manufacture of speciality cements and corrosion-resistant materials of construction. Sauereisen is a third-generation ...

  • OMI Industries (OMI)

    OMI Industries (OMI)

    OMI Industries (OMI) specializes in controlling malodors and emissions with our patented Ecosorb(R) technology. OMI has extensive experience ...