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  • Cleaning Management Software to Improve Business

    Cleaning Management Software to Improve Business

    The Cleaning Industry is expanding more rapidly as compared to other industries in 2020; a 7% growth rate is expected from 2020 to 2028 by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Overnight, the demand for cleaning services has increased dramatically due to the pandemic. It is both good and bad news for you if you own a cleaning business. Why good? Because you ...

  • Leachate Treatment Solutions

    Leachate Treatment Solutions

    Given its complex and changing composition with age, treating leachate has proven particularly difficult. Since 2008, China has enforced new standards for the treatment and discharge of leachate. ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Sediment Removal System

    Sediment Removal System

    The SedVac Sediment Dredge System is a sediment removal system designed to clean your clarifier by effectively removing the compression zone layer of sludge. Unlike clog-prone vacuum pipes, the SedVac system can handle high concentrations of sludge and grit and is capable of consistently removing solids of 3% concentration across a wide range of influent quality. Its unique header wing design ...

Upcoming Events

  • WasteTech-2020


    WasteTech is a premier forum covering waste treatment, environmental protection and renewable energy in Russia and neighboring countries. Presenting at one site local and international manufacturers and suppliers of technologies, services and solutions to experts of municipal and environmental sectors in Russia and neighboring countries, WasteTech creates a unique platform for establishing new ...


Oct. 13rd - 17th | Philadelphia

2-day Comprehensive GC-MS Hardware Training (Agilent SQMS)

Nov. 2rd - 3th | Milton Keynes

2-day The HPLC & LC-MS Clinic

Nov. 19rd - 20th | Milton Keynes

1-day HPLC & LC-MS Troubleshooting & Maintenance

Nov. 20rd - 20th | Milton Keynes