waste lamp (Lamp Recycling) equipment available in Lithuania

  • Lamp Bank - Model 4000 - Waste Lamp Vertical Storage Containers

    Vertical Storage for all lengths of fluorescent tubes. Measuring 1m x 1m provides maximum storage with minimum footprint. Ideally, these lampbanks should be sited inside or undercover and are particularly suited for those companies where space is at a premium.

    By Balcan Engineering Ltd based in Horncastle, UNITED KINGDOM. from Lamp Recycling Product line

  • Drum Top Lamp Crushers

    Balcan lamp crushers are designed as true waste management systems for fluorescent tubes and other waste lamps.  Capacities upto 2000 lamps per hour. 

    By Balcan Engineering Ltd based in Horncastle, UNITED KINGDOM. from Lamp Recycling Product line

  • Balcan - Crushed Lamps Or Whole Lamp Recycling

    Balcan lamp recycling gives those the opportunity to choose for themselves whether to opt for the whole lamp & bulb recycling methodology, or the lamp crusher, or bulb crusher systems, to help reduce volume prior to transport of the waste to a lamp & bulb recycling facility.  It can be confusing trying to decide which system is best ...

    By Balcan Lamp Recycling based in Horncastle, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Blubox - Lamp Sorting Plant

    Nowadays there are thousands of different types of lamp on the market. From toxic waste to rare earth metals, a wide range of materials is used in lamps and needs to be recycled at the end of the lamp’s life cycle. It is therefore necessary to sort the lamps in order to achieve an efficient recycling rate and good quality recycled products. ...

    By Blubox Trading AG based in Birrwil, SWITZERLAND.

  • Water-ApS - UV Lamps

    The UV lamps used for water purification are low (LP) and medium pressure (MP), emitting at 253.7 nm, a wavelength that is bactericidal and may also deactivate cysts and oocysts of protozoa such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium, which are important eukaryotic pathogens resistant to chlorine and Clostridium-bacteria usually found in hospital waste ...

    By Water ApS based in Farum, DENMARK. from UV Systems Product line

  • MRT - HID Separation Processor

    MRTs’ HID Processor is designed for safe disassembly of waste High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps of various types and sizes. The machine separates the lamp into bulb glass, quartz glass, inner metals and sockets. It is equipped with filters for dust, and mercury removal from the processing air.

    By MRT System AB based in Karlskrona, SWEDEN. from Lamp Recycling Product line

  • Herborn - Mobile Lamp Recycling Unit

    With our recycling concept of “mobile on-site recycling” the logistic effort can be significantly reduced because: With our mobile recycling systems we ensure a quick and straightforward recycling of the lamps right where the waste (lamps) was collected. The ecologic complex and costly transport becomes unnecessary.

    By Herborn GmbH Lamp Recycling based in Ginsheim-Gustavsburg, GERMANY.

  • Yamato - Model MS90C/MV90C - Fume Hood

    Safe, easy operation, space saving fume hoods with selectable interior material and standard equipped with water valve, lighting lamp, power sockets and waste liquid recycling tank.

    By Yamato Scientific America Inc. based in Santa Clara, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Laboratory Fume Hood Product line

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