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Landfill Regulations equipment for Waste and Recycling

  • Premium

    HARDEN - Model TL1316 - High Efficient of Municipal Solid Waste Shredder/MSW shredder

    Municipal Solid Waste due to the rising energy costs, landfill directives and importance of alternative energy sources it will be necessary to exploit the energy content of the waste to substitute fuel, RDF - residual derived fuel. The production of RDF is the optimum solution both environmentally and economically. The Harden Recycling System is ...

    By Harden Machinery Ltd. based in Zhongshan City, CHINA.

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    Mechanical-Biological Treatment (MBT) Plants for Waste

    Max. recovery of clean dry SRF & recyclables. Tailored systems for: Coal co-firing, Advanced Waste-to-energy technologies (gasification). Minimization of landfill disposal.

    By REDWAVE - a division of BT-Wolfgang Binder GmbH based in Eggersdorf bei Graz, AUSTRIA. from Waste Treatment Product line

  • Termokimik - Waste-to-Energy Plants

    The last few decades have witnessed a revolution in the treatment of waste that today represents one of the most important issues of both the European Economic Community and the individual nations that are part of it. The environmental impacts of waste management and, to some extent, their production are subject to more stringent controls. At ...

    By Termokimik Corporation based in Milan, ITALY. from Waste to Energy & Waste Treatment Product line

  • CHEMTEX - Model OIL906 - Aqueous Polymers

    Used for cleaning water-based spills and sludge stabilization. Hazardous and nonhazardous industrial waste streams often must be solidified and stabilized to pass the paint filter test prior to placement in appropriately permitted landfills. Industrial solidification traditionally has involved the addition of various agents, including kiln dust, ...

    By Chemtex, Inc. based in Cumberland, RHODE ISLAND (USA). from Granulars, Neutralizers & Bioremediation - Polymers Product line

  • Anaerobic Process - Material Sludge

    In the anaerobic process, organic material in sludge is biologically converted to methane and carbon dioxide. The process is carried out in an airtight reactor with the organic substrate being introduced as a continuous process. These systems are known as ‘high rate digesters’ and are characterised by the fact that they are kept at ...

    By Efftech Limited based in Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • High Temperature Range

    Our high temperature (HT) flare stack provides an ideal solution to meet the growing number of EU directives on emissions from landfill gas flares.

    By Automatic Flare Systems Limited (AFS) based in Coventry, UNITED KINGDOM. from Flare systems Product line

  • BWSC - Waste-to-Energy Power Plants

    The world generates about 4 billion tons of all types of waste per year. Cities alone generate about 1.5 billion tons of solid waste per year and this is expected to increase to 2.4 billion tons by 2025. Currently, three quarters of the waste is disposed in landfills, with only one quarter being recycled. Landfilling is environmentally problematic ...

  • Glass Vac - Cube

    A Glassvac Sales Representative will review the volume of glass generated by the business owner and recommend the most appropriate size of tank depending on the information provided to him. The service charge will include use of the tank and one monthly collection. The tank will be modular in design, allowing us to add or reduce space in the tank ...

    By Glass Vac Ireland based in Dock Road, IRELAND.

  • SKAPS - Model TN 160 - Geonet

    SKAPS Geonet is a three dimensional bi-planar net manufactured from high density polyethylene for better flow under high loading. SKAPS manufactures geonets in thickness ranging from 4mm to 10mm which are laminated with non-woven geotextiles ranging from 120 gsm to 680 gsm depending upon customer’s need and design specifications of the ...

    By SKAPS Industries based in Athens, GEORGIA (US) (USA). from Geosynthetics Product line

  • Sublicensing for the Treatment of Asbestos Waste

    This patented thermochemical conversion technology is available for sublicensing for the treatment of asbestos waste and low level radioactive waste globally. Sublicensing opportunities offer sub licensees significant benefits in this unique technology with global intellectual property rights including: Financial gain – strong internal rate ...

  • Orex - Modular Press

    The OREX PRESS has a modular construction. It consists of the “active part” which is the press ram, the guiding and all the functional parts are located in a self-supporting structure in an electro-welded construction, and the central “passive” part of the structure containing the main cylinder and the extrusion chamber.

    By Separate Waste Systems based in BELGIUM.

  • Ennex - Mechanical Biological MSW Treatment Plant

    The main motivation of residual waste treatment with biological processes is based on the “EU-landfill directive”. The target is a reduction of the residual waste volumes to be land filled – especially a reduction of biodegradable contingents. To transfer the resultant defaults efficiently in the plant construction means to treat ...

    By Ennex Solutions GmbH based in Oschersleben, GERMANY. from Treatment Plants Product line

  • Komar - Model EM-PSC - Portable Shredder/Compactor

    Komar's EM-PSC Auger is a portable electromechanical shredder / compactor equipped with a 100 kilowatt generator all mounted on a roll-off machine bed. This transportable unit can easily be moved to the job site for fast, easy reduction of demolition materials. The on-site shredder/compactor system can process directly into standard compaction ...

    By Komar Industries Inc. based in Groveport, OHIO (USA). from Auger Compactors Product line

  • Hi-Point - Sorb Sox

    Acting as a floating barrier that assists in the clean-up process of removing oil from the water's surface, Hi-Point Sorb Sox are the first means of defense against oil spills. Hi-Point Industries has designed various models and sizes of Sorb Sox for all types of spills. Whether the purpose is to contain, collect, absorb, or deflect oil, Hi-Point ...

    By Hi Point Industries Ltd. based in Bishops Falls, NEWFOUNDLAND (CANADA). from Hi-Point Sorb Sox, Spillows & Spreader Product line

  • Terex - Model TC400 - Landfill Compactor

    Not only do the Terex TC400 and TC550 landfill compactors offer the power and reliability you need for your job site, they’re the industry’s only full-width compactors. With a Terex landfill compactor you also get equal weight distribution, which results in greater densities than conventional compactors provide. No wonder the TC400 and ...

    By Terex based in Oklahoma City, OKLAHOMA (USA). from Landfill Compaction Product line

  • Siloxa - Power Dryer

    The SILOXA PowerDryer is an economical product for the drying of biogas, sewer gas and landfill gas. The gas dryer comes fully pre-mounted on a frame – all that is needed is to connect the supply lines. The system can therefore cover the drying functions upstream from gas engines as well as transport of the gas in underground pipes (micro ...

    By Siloxa AG based in Essen, GERMANY. from Gas Drying Product line

  • BioNex - Premium Natural Hydrocarbon Absorbent for Oil & Chemical Spills

    BioNex has a strong affinity for oils and is water-repellent. It is the ideal product, both on land and on water, to absorb oil, chemicals, paint, PCB’s solvents, etc.

    By InTerra Environmental Solutions based in Amarillo, TEXAS (USA). from Industrial Energy Product line

  • PyroPure - Non-Recyclable Waste Recycling Unit

    PyroPure is a technology that destroys all non-recyclable waste on site leaving only metal and glass for recycling. Imagine a bin that never fills, never smells and empties itself leaving no residue and creating no fumes. Using PyroPure has many environmental benefits; no need for waste collection, no need for landfill or incineration and less ...

    By PyroPure Ltd. based in Bordon, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Cardboard Shredding Systems

    Meltog’s waste packaging solutions not only help you comply with current landfill directives but also ensure complete confidential destruction of sensitive documents. Meltog shredding systems have evolved to accommodate the sophisticated needs of clients whilst complying with government legislation.  Furthermore, as shredding cardboard ...

    By Meltog a Division of MMco. Limited based in Leeds, UNITED KINGDOM. from Waste Management Equipment Product line

  • SMR - Hand-Mix for the Ultimate Solution

    SMR Hand-Mix is the ultimate solution for small excavation reinstatements. Added to the spoil following excavating, it transforms the material into a high quality sub-base replacement within minutes – increasing efficiency and saving cost. Ideally suited to small excavation reinstatements, when SMR is mixed with the spoil during following ...

    By SMR (UK) Ltd. based in Caldicot, UNITED KINGDOM.

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