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Landfill Sites Equipment

  • Genap - Bottom and Cover Geomembranes for Landfill Sites

    A bottom and cover geomembrane for landfill sites always involves a geomembrane that isolates the contamination in order to protect the environment or to specifically protect against potential future contamination. The seals have to be made under an installation certificate by a certified company. Genap has held this stringent KIWA certification ...

    By Genap B.V. based in `s-Heerenberg, NETHERLANDS. from Civil Engineering & Infrastructure Product line

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    FINN HydroSeeder - Model LF120 - Landfill Units

    Designed specifically for use in the extreme environments of landfills, the LF-120 HydroSeeder®, an exclusive Finn Landfill Solution, is an efficient solution for applying alternative daily cover (ADC), as well as the application of materials to control odor, dust and erosion. Furthermore, the unit can be used as a mobile watering source to ...

    By FINN Corporation based in Fairfield, OHIO (USA). from HydroSeeders Product line

  • COMET - Model USB - Geomembrane Wedge Welder

    This compact heavy-duty welding machine is in use worldwide and specifically designed for the demands of landfill sites, mines and tunnels. Documentation made simple: COMET USB's memory system is designed for use on construction sites. Because this compact hot wedge welding machine records all relevant welding parameters, data transfer is mere ...

    By Leister Technologies LLC based in Itasca, ILLINOIS (USA). from Wedge Welders Product line

  • Americover - Reinforced Polyethylene Geomembrane

    RPE's are economical lining materials for seepage control, soil remediation, and interim landfill cap applications. Reinforced Polyethylene (RPE) has been used as a geomembrane material for over 20 years. Common uses of RPE's are canal liners, drilling sump liners, soil remediation liners, tailings dam liners, and interim landfill caps. RPE's have ...

    By Americover based in Escondido,, CALIFORNIA (USA). from HDPE & LLDPE Liners Product line

  • Smooth/Textured HDPE/LLDPE Geomembranes

    1.Sinotech smooth HDPE (HDS) and textured HDPE(HDT) geomembranes - Sinotech HDS (smooth HDPE) and Sinotech HDT (textured HDPE) geomembranes are produced from high density polyethylene (HDPE) resins resulting in premium grade geomembranes. They are the most widely used products for lining of solid waste sites, mines, and other fluid containment ...

    By Qingdao Kropfmuehl Graphite Co.,Ltd. based in Laoshan District, Qingdao, CHINA.

  • Geomembrane Services

    Superior Services RSH is your one stop solution. With over 25 years of experience with PVC thermoplastic membrane, we custom fabricate geomembranes to any size and for any use. We are able to provide specially formulated liner materials for a multitude of environmental uses.

    By Superior Services RSH Inc. based in Lansing, MICHIGAN (USA).

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    Site Evaluation

    The LANDTEC technology and expertise will provide you with the products and tools that you need in order to maximize your site’s performance. LANDTEC's families of gas extraction and monitoring products used in conjunction with the LANDTEC SYSTEM software empowers you to quickly locate and identify operating characteristics of your site. ...

    By QED Environmental Systems based in Dexter, MICHIGAN (USA). from Landfill Gas Product line

  • HOFGAS - Model Sparky - Compact Degassing Unit

    The HOFGAS- Sparky compact degassing unit is used for household waste landfills without gas utilisation.

    By Hofstetter BV based in Schiphol-Rijk, NETHERLANDS. from Landfill Gas Product line

  • Net Down System

    The geomembrane anchoring solution for protecting landfill and storage site covers against damage caused by the wind. Net Down is an innovative material made of polyethylene that can be placed directly over the geomembranes used to cover storage sites, in order to protect them against the potentially harmful effects of the wind. When exposed to ...

    By G&G Partners S.r.l. based in Montichiari, ITALY.

  • Premium

    Rusmar - Model PFU 1600/40 - Pneumatic Foam Unit

    A completely self-contained and portable foam generating system designed to withstand the rugged demands and harsh elements found at remediation sites. Quick start-up time means that emission control is available when you need it. Recommended for medium to large size remediation projects, dredging operations and hazardous waste sites. Can be towed ...

    By Rusmar Inc. based in West Chester, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Landfill Equipment Product line

  • Multriwell - Durable Gas Extraction

    Multriwell is the new and effective solution for landfill gas extraction. This innovative technology enables landfill operators to extract considerably more gas compared to when traditional gas wells are used. The patented system consists of three components: short distance flexible vertical gas wells that are installed in very small grids, ...

    By Multriwell B.V based in Velddriel, NETHERLANDS.

  • CAT - Model 836G - Landfill Compactor Machine

    Ex-Municipal Unit with All Records Available, 14133 Hours - ECM Idle Hours: 4919 - 40% Idle Time, AC, Caron Wheels, Caterpillar U Blade, Front and Rear Striker Bars, Fire Suppression System, Electrically Controlled Belly Pans, Rear View Camera. Completely Serviced and Inspected - All Filters were Clean.

    By Marcel Equipment Limited based in London, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Landfill Compactors Product line

  • QEL - Model CTS-M17 Series - Combustible Gas Transmitter/Sensors

    The CTS-M17 Series is a microprocessor based transmitter. It uses a Catalytic Pellistor Bead gas sensor to detect methane or propane gas. Typical applications are buildings built on landfill sites to monitor methane and parking garages to monitor propane leaks.

    By Quatrosense Environmental Ltd. (QEL) based in Richmond, ONTARIO (CANADA). from Discontinued Product line

  • Premium

    Rusmar - Model PFU 2500/60 - Self-Propelled Foam Generating System

    This self-propelled unit is ideal for sites where the quick coverage of large areas is a top priority. The PFU2500/60 is self-contained and designed to meet the demands of applications where equipment is often left exposed to the elements. Foam is applied by our patented bi-directional manifold, optional hose reels, orboth. Climate-controlled cab ...

    By Rusmar Inc. based in West Chester, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Landfill Equipment Product line

  • HOFGAS - Model LPM - Customized Degasification System

    A modularly structured degasification system at the highest level for large-scale landfill sites.

    By Hofstetter BV based in Schiphol-Rijk, NETHERLANDS. from Landfill Gas Product line

  • Premium

    Rusmar - Model BSD7000 - Bulk Storage and Dilution System

    Our bulk storage and dilution system is designed for tank-truck load quantities of RusFoam® products. The system allows for foam concentrate to be automatically diluted, metered and transferred into the on-board solution storage tank of a Pneumatic Foam Unit.

    By Rusmar Inc. based in West Chester, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Landfill Equipment Product line

  • PRM - Blowers

    PRM carries the best blowers in the business using major manufacturers. Bare blower units are available or contact PRM about  different blower packages.  PRM supplies blowers from all major manufacturers: Eurus Blowers, Roots, Gardner-Denver, Tuthill, Rotron, Gast, Airtech and more!

    By Product Recovery Management (PRM) based in Butner, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Landfill Gas Equipment Product line

  • Absolute Barrier - Model E-Series EB25BS - High Performance Geomembrane Gas Barrier & Enhanced Grip Surface

    Absolute Barrier EB25BS is a seven layer co-extruded geomembrane consisting of a very flexible, linear low-density polyethylene (LLDPE) and an inner core of chemically resistant EVOH, designed specifically as a barrier. High strength LLDPE provides exceptional tear and impact resistance. A robust stabilization package that exceeds the industry ...

    By Raven Engineered Films based in Sioux Falls, SOUTH DAKOTA (USA). from Absolute Barrier Series Product line

  • Enviroseal - Landfill Basal Liners

    The essential component for Environmental protection in landfills is the primary geomembrane liner. When a geomembrane liner is installed this will prevent landfill pollutants entry Into the groundwater system. There now exists a greater awareness and responsibility of the public towards the protection of the environment. There is also an ...

    By Enviroseal Lining Solutions Ltd based in Skelmersdale, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Landfills

    Landfills continue to be ecologically sensitive projects requiring top notch construction products. ACP Applied Products can provide and install bottom liners and caps for both private and public landfill sites. Our professional installers provide a custom fit for every size of project and for any and all requirements. Coletanche is the most ...

    By ACP Applied Products based in Acheson, ALBERTA (CANADA).

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