Lights Recovery

Equipment & Solutions

  • Windshifter Airvac Conveyor
    Showcase Product

    Windshifter Airvac Conveyor

    By Screenpod International

    50ft Radial dedicated clean up conveyor with the following features:

  • Recovery Separation Systems
    Showcase Product

    Recovery Separation Systems

    By Screenpod International

    Compact yet efficient lights recovery separation systems comprising an adjustable vacuum head unit fitted over a stockpile conveyor belt or screen box. Suitable for removal of plastic or lights contamination from ...

  • Cryogenic Distillation
    Showcase Product

    Cryogenic Distillation

    By Polaris S.R.L.

    Polaris has developed a process for the purification of gases at low temperature, based on cryogenic distillation in two columns in series (one for more lighter compounds and the other for heavier compounds). The ...

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