Liquid Waste Treatment

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Smart Choice for Choosing Continuous Tire Pyrolysis Plant

    Smart Choice for Choosing Continuous Tire Pyrolysis Plant

    The continuous tyre pyrolysis plant may be the king of this type of equipment. This plant operates 24/7 without having the between maintenance, and that means it maximizes your profits. The plant recycles more waste tires and a lot more waste plastic than its counterparts. If you aren't informed about the other kinds of plants available, they can be batch and ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Direct Fired Thermal Oxidisers

    Direct Fired Thermal Oxidisers

    When you have issues of high calorific value waste gas or a liquid stream then the Process Combustion’s Direct Fired Thermal Oxidisers meet the most stringent requirements of the European Solvents Emissions Directive (SED) and the UK’s Waste Incineration Directive. Designed and built to client’s own specific standards Process Combustion’s solutions ensure that very ...