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REDWAVE - Model XRF - Sorting Machine for Metal and Glass Recycling

by REDWAVE a division of BT-Wolfgang Binder     based in Gleisdorf, AUSTRIA

REDWAVE is market leader in the XRF sorting technology – XRF sorting machines: for recognition of materials according to the chemical composition.

Glass Recyclates

by Gorenje Surovina d.o.o.     based in Maribor, SLOVENIA

Glass recyclates are sorted into two main categories: the flat glass (car glass and window glass) and glass containers (bottles that are increasingly losing battle with plastic bottles). Glass waste is collected in glass containers, mostly on eco islands in communities and in collection centres.

Sesotec - Model MAG 4300 series - Flat Glass Recycling

by Sesotec GmbH     based in Schoenberg, GERMANY

The MAG 4300 series of metal separators, used in glass recycling, removes metal contaminants eg aluminium, steel or lead from glass cullet. The cullet is widened on an external feeder and reaches the glass slide where the pieces are further individualised before continuing into the inspection area of the multi-channel metal detector. If a metal ...

HSM PET - Model PF 1200 - PET/UBC-Perforators

by HSM GmbH + Co. KG     based in Frickingen, GERMANY

HSM perforators powerfully perforate plastic bottles before compaction thus creating an optimum compact bale. The perforators PF 600-4 and PF 1200-4 with very high throughput capacities and excellent price/performance ratios complete the HSM range of disposal systems.

Glass Cleanup System

by Krause Manufacturing Inc (KMI)     based in Bellingham, WASHINGTON (USA)

Whether integrated into your MRF or used as a stand-alone unit, the Glass Cleanup System will process up to 5 tons per hour of mixed and broken glass. Material is fed into an integrated hopper and the light material is separated by vacuum from heavy material and broken glass, and discharged by an extraction blower through a rotary value at the ...

Model CP - Glass Breaker Screen

by Krause Manufacturing Inc (KMI)     based in Bellingham, WASHINGTON (USA)

The Glass Breaker Screen is a multi-deck screen that utilizes cast chromium elliptical discs set at a 90-degree angle to break and separate glass at highly efficient rates. Containers and glass fall onto the first angled deck where broken glass and fines are separated, enabling aluminum, plastic and steel containers to pass through. Our Glass ...

Glass Cleaning System

by Impact Air Systems     based in Leicester, UNITED KINGDOM

The Impact glass cleaning system is a valuable addition to any recycling process, improving the resale value of your glass by removing light weight fibres and debris from the material stream. The glass cleaning system can be installed at a conveyor junction and is typically applied to clean the unwanted paper shred and debris from the 10- 50mm ...

Model 50P-16S - Scrap Cart

by MODRoto     based in Madison, INDIANA (USA)

This scrap cart handles getting raised up and dumped all day long. The Poly-Trux® 50P-16S scrap collection cart makes handling metal, paper, glass, plastic and other materials for recycling safe and simple. With three, steel fork tubes designed into the base, the innovative collection cart can be safely and easily picked up and transported by ...

Material Recovery Station

by MODRoto     based in Madison, INDIANA (USA)

The MODRoto Material Recovery Station automatically separates liquids from solids to allow both to be collected for recycling. This self-contained, solid-liquid separation system collects and accumulates a wide range of scrap, waste and recyclable materials using a proprietary screening panel that captures the solid particles while liquids are ...

Model DT-200GC - Glass Crusher/Bottle Grinder

by Delitek AS     based in Alsvaag, NORWAY

The DT-200GC is especially suited for crushing glass bottles, jars and similar glass materials. The DT-200GC is delivered with a wheeled C-200 container with 0,2m3 capacity & big bag solution. DT-200GC is a member of the Delitek DT-200series waste handling system, consisting of Shredder, Waste compactor and Glass crusher with interchangeable ...

Austin AI - Model QXR-G - Glass Sorting & Separating System

by Austin AI, Inc.     based in Austin, TEXAS (USA)

Austin AI's QXR-G is a unique automated system that rapidly and accurately sorts and separates glass material into product specific categories based on its chemical composition. Based on proven Energy Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence (EDXRF) technology, the QXR-G system is ideal for glass recycling.

Prodeva - Model 95-2 - Glass Crusher

by Prodeva Inc.     based in Jackson Center, OHIO (USA)

Save time, money, labor and space with this new improved crusher from PRODEVA. We've made our popular, original design even better with more features. Machine is ideal for bottlers, recycling centers, cafeterias, restaurants, taverns, municipalities and institutions. Users like the big savings and convenience in removal and handling costs. Like ...

Model 318 - Glass Crusher

by Prodeva Inc.     based in Jackson Center, OHIO (USA)

A medium to high volume glass crusher. Designed for stand alone use, in conjunction with a conveyor, or can be mounted below chutes in MRF applications. A small compact unit that will hold up to most anything you can throw at it. Backed by over 35 years of experience in the size reduction and recycling industry.

Shark - Glass Separator

by Shark Solutions A/S     based in Vipperød, DENMARK

The separator allows for a controlled process, in which clean glass cullets, and PVB fractions, can be produced according to various industrial user requirements, with respect to quality as well as grain sizes of the glass cullets.

HID Separation Processor

by MRT System International AB     based in Karlskrona, SWEDEN

MRTs’ HID Processor is designed for safe disassembly of waste High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps of various types and sizes. The machine separates the lamp into bulb glass, quartz glass, inner metals and sockets. It is equipped with filters for dust, and mercury removal from the processing air.

Model 600 - Lamp Processors Crushes

by MRT System International AB     based in Karlskrona, SWEDEN

Our Lamp Processors crushes, sieves and separates all crucial components in a lamp. The mercury bearing fluorescent powder, the glass fraction and the lamp socket material are all isolated and collected in suitable vessels. The most common types of fluorescent lamps from the market can be processed, in addition to pre-crushed lamp material.  ...

End Cut Machine

by MRT System International AB     based in Karlskrona, SWEDEN

The ECM is designed for processing straight fluorescent tubes of various lengths and diameters. The concept is simple but very efficient. The tube lamps are fed to the processing line where the tube ends are removed. Air push nozzles then blow the fluorescent powder from the tube. The tube ends, glass and powder are then collected in different ...

Mercury Retorts / Distillers

by MRT System International AB     based in Karlskrona, SWEDEN

MRTs’ distillers, incorporate all our outstanding experience with distillation technology. Our patented distillers have been on the market for more that 30 years, and the technology behind them embraces all our expertise about mercury recovery. An MRT distiller is recommended for any recycler who needs a complete in-house recycling system ...

Recycling Sorting Equipment

by The CP Group     based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA)

CP is recognized as the World Leader in Separation Technology for many reasons. We have been supplying the waste and recycling industry with advanced separation technology for nearly 4 decades, leading the industry and continuously raising the bar with innovation and new technology.

Polishing Screen

by Krause Manufacturing Inc (KMI)     based in Bellingham, WASHINGTON (USA)

The Polishing Screen has the best and latest technology with high co-efficient rubber discs that grab the fiber materials and elliptical disc lobes that generate an action causing the containers to bounce and roll. As the lobes on one rotor are retreating the lobes on the facing rotor are advancing and it generates an opening size allowing fine ...

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