Mercury Waste Treatment

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Mercury waste treatment centre - Case study

    Mercury waste treatment centre - Case study

    The Mercury Waste Treatment Centre has been set-up by an oil and gas service company following the high demand of major oil and gas companies for local waste management solutions. Prior to the establishment of the econ supplied waste treatment centre, waste had to be shipped to be finally disposed of 13 000 km from the waste source. This involved complicated and expensive waste notification and ...

  • Fluorescent lamps recycling - Case Study

    The fluorescent lamps recycling plant was designed for a Taiwanese recycling company. The task was to develop a treatment plant which achieves a high recycling quota while keeping the investment ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Mercury Waste Treatment Units

    Mercury Waste Treatment Units

    econ industries is the only company worldwide which operates a complete mercury waste recovery and treatment centre; suitable for processing all types of mercury waste on an industrial scale. The econ industries mercury waste centre combines only the safest and most environmentally friendly technologies available. Utilising our equipment and technical knowledge, we are able to safely separate ...