Oil Sludge

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  • Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender
    Showcase Product

    Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender

    By Munson Machinery Company, Inc.

    Munson has been manufacturing high performance ribbon blenders, paddle blenders and plow blenders since 1960, and has most likely solved a horizontal blending problem precisely like yours numerous times. From sanitary ...

  • High Speed Centrifuge
    Showcase Product

    High Speed Centrifuge

    By E.2.S.E. sas.

    Our high-speed centrifuges are called “disc centrifuge”. They can develop centrifugal forces up to 7300 G.  These centrifugal machines are particularly adapted for the processing of oily sludge, but can ...

  • Sludge Trap/Oil Interceptors
    Showcase Product

    Sludge Trap/Oil Interceptors

    By Saint Dizier Environnement

    Lamellar sludge trap/oil interceptors class 1. Protected steel production after sanding SA 2.5 with a polyester powder coating.

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  • Oil Dissolver GmbH

    Oil Dissolver GmbH

    Oil still is an important energy source and a natural resource on earth and will be for decades to come. Unfortunately, spectacular accidents with ...

  • Ekol Engineering Services Closed Joint Stock Company

    Ekol Engineering Services Closed Joint Stock Company

    Ekol Engineering Services┬╗ Closed Joint-Stock Company was established on 1st March 2006 according to the agreement signed between SOCAR (51%) and ...

  • Davi Laboratories Environmental Analyses

    Davi Labs is a Radiochemical analytical lab fully certified by CDPH since 1992. Davi Labs has mastered many techniques specially the analyses of ...

  • Secatol


    Founded in 1947 by Auguste GILLES, SECATOL was at the very beginning a small repair workshop for car radiators, situated in Poitiers urban area. A ...

  • SAS Environmental Services Ltd.

    SAS Environmental Services Ltd.

    Effective treatment of oil slops and oil sludge waste is now possible with the MIST System by SAS Environmental Services. The natural next step in ...