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  • Hydroman™  Submersible submerged suction pump

    Hydroman™ Submersible submerged suction pump

    Hydroman™ Submersible submerged suction pumps are heavy duty agitator submersible slurry pumps, dredge Pumps, sand Pumps, and sludge Pumps working in the underwater industry, capable of handling slurry, sand, gravel, solids and all kinds of sludge in diverse applications related to the dredging, construction, oil and mining industry as well as marine, energy, and industrial sectors. TJQ ...

  • Save The Planet Having A Waste Pyrolysis Machine

    For multiple decades, a lot of the world`s manmade waste has become in charge of clogging up valleys and polluting water supplies. The decomposing time in landfill sites might be numerous years for ...


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  • Three Phase Decanter Centrifuge

    Three Phase Decanter Centrifuge

    The Flottweg Tricanter® For Three-Phase Separation; In three-phase separation, it is possible to separated two liquid phases from one solid phase at the same time. The Flottweg Tricanter® is the perfect partner for separating these three phases. The different densities of the (immiscible) liquids and the solid mean that all three phases can be discharged simultaneously using the ...