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Oil Sludge equipment for Waste and Recycling

  • Londonese - Sludger for De-Oiling Machine

    The concept of the Sludger was to produce a de-oiling machine to handle sludge which was discharged from Pre-coat filter systems. These systems use a powder to increase the filtration capabilities of the filter element. Having installed units manufactured by others we found that the level of cleanliness of the recovered fluid was very poor. This ...

    By Londonese International Trading Co. Ltd based in East Tilbury, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Lanner - Batch Centrifuges

    The basket can be elevated into the centrifuge using a lifting hook. Once the drum is placed into the centrifuge an individually set centrifuging time starts. At the end of this centrifugin process the drum with the centrifuged contents is taken out and the process can be repeated with the next wet material. LANNER batch wringers are constructed ...

    By Lanner Anlagenbau GmbH based in Kippenheim, GERMANY. from Batch Centrifuges Product line

  • Pirotex Pyrolsis Plant

    We would like to introduce our low-temperature pyrolysis equipment - Pirotex which is designed for recycling and utilization of scrap tires, mechanical rubber goods, plastics, oil sludge and waste oils. Pirotex pyrolysis plant is a highly ecological product. It produces nearly no emissions. The equipment is automated to the maximum that allows ...

    By Technokomplex based in Rostov-on-Don, RUSSIA.

  • HDPE Above Ground Oil Separator

    ESEP overground HDPE oil separator for light mineral liquids with integrated sludge trap, series KPE.MI 6000 BG or PE.MI 6000 BG. CE certified. Series KPE.MI 6000 BG is KOMO certified. The oil separator can also be equipped with an oil layer thickness and/or high level warning system which alerts you when the oil separator has reached its ...

    By ESEP Milieutechniek BV based in Weert, NETHERLANDS. from HDPE Above Ground Oil Separator Product line

  • Model SET-2000 - Oil/Sludge Alarm Device With Two Probes

    The SET-2000 Oil/Sludge is equipped with two probes, one indicates the oil layer and the other indicates when there is sand or sludge between the sensing elements of the SET/S2 ultrasonic sensor.

    By Labkotec Oy based in Pirkkala, FINLAND. from Oil/Sludge Alarm Device With Two Probes Product line

  • Cavity Pump

    Continuous and pulsation of viscous and abrasive fluids, such as sludges, oil, yogurt, adhesive, chemical or fibrous mixtures, independent of pressure and viscosity.

    By GHS Separationstechnik GmbH based in Landshut, GERMANY. from Cavity Pump Product line

  • Model 500 ltr. - 4000 ltr. - Sludge Oil Tanks

    Atlas Incinerators recommend a 1-tank system since it is much simpler to operate one tank automatically than two tanks manually. By not using a settling tank the crew will save time, not needing to settle water out. Sludge oil mixing tanks are delivered with a circulation pump and a mill pump for agitation and comminution of the tank contents. ...

    By Atlas Incinerators A/S based in Vordingborg, DENMARK.

  • Marine Goe

    Especially designed for marine and boating. General cleaning and odour elimination for ships quarters, galleys, toilets, mess, waste systems, walkways and engine rooms. This reduces the need for many flammable and caustic based chemicals. It has major benefits in bilge operations and oily water systems. Used as directed, MARINE GOE has proven to ...

    By GOE based in O`Connor, AUSTRALASIA.

  • Concrete Oil Separators

    ESEP reinforced concrete oil separator for light mineral liquids with or without integrated sludge trap, respectively series KMI 6000 or KM 5000. The KMI 6000 and KM 5000 series are KOMO and CE certified, the PA-KMI 6000, PA-KM 5000, BPA-KMI 6000 and BPA-KM 5000 series are CE certified. The oil separator can also be equipped with an oil ...

    By ESEP Milieutechniek BV based in Weert, NETHERLANDS. from Concrete Oil Separators Product line

  • HDPE Underground Oil Separator

    ESEP underground HDPE oil separator for light mineral liquids with or without sludge trap, series KPE.MI 6000 HVE, PE.MI 6000 HVE or PE.MI 7000 HVE. CE certified. Series KPE.MI 6000 HVE is KOMO certified. The oil separator can also be equipped with an oil layer thickness and/or high level warning system which alerts you when the oil ...

    By ESEP Milieutechniek BV based in Weert, NETHERLANDS. from HDPE Underground Oil Separator Product line

  • SolarSET

    Separator alarm system for applications where mains supply is not available: The new SolarSET alarm unit is a solar powered alarm and communication unit for monitoring the level of oil, sludge or damming in oil separators.

    By Labkotec Oy based in Pirkkala, FINLAND. from SolarSET Product line

  • Removal Bad Odors (H2S, VOCs, Mercaptane and Other)

    Bad odors are problems that sometimes occur in many industrial facilities. Getting a healthy atmosphere and air suitable for ventilation and breathing human being is one of the tasks to consider, in turn, in the design and operation of any new industrial process. The waste treatment facilities and sewage, oil, sludge, waste from different ...

    By Energy & Waste S.l based in Terrassa-Barcelona, SPAIN.

  • Model IHDC 1.5 to 15 - Sludge Trap/Oil Interceptors

    Lamellar sludge trap/oil interceptors class 1. Protected steel production after sanding SA 2.5 with a polyester powder coating.

    By Saint Dizier Environnement based in Boulogne-Billancourt, FRANCE. from Sludge Trap/Oil Interceptors Product line

  • Model BRNSH-10 - Separation Block for Oil Sludges and Mazut Made on the Basis of Vacuum

    BRNSH-10 allows removing water from some liquid oil products, including waterlogged oil fuel and oil sludge. Evaporating is done under vacuum, which allows reaching high efficiency with low costs. Average prime cost of drying 1 ton of oil fuel of M-100 type from 25% to 0.5% of humidity is equal to about 550 roubles.

  • Model C7300 & C5300 - High Speed Centrifuge

    Our high-speed centrifuges are called “disc centrifuge”. They can develop centrifugal forces up to 7300 G.  These centrifugal machines are particularly adapted for the processing of oily sludge, but can also be configured for other products (food, pharmaceutics…).

    By E.2.S.E. sas. based in Saint Pierre les Elbeuf, FRANCE.

  • Model HD-12-SS - Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender

    Munson has been manufacturing high performance ribbon blenders, paddle blenders and plow blenders since 1960, and has most likely solved a horizontal blending problem precisely like yours numerous times. From sanitary blenders for labs, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and food producers to robust, super-duty machines for soil reclamation, building ...

    By Munson Machinery Company, Inc. based in Utica, NEW YORK (USA). from Stainless Steel Ribbon Blender Product line

  • Sludge Catcher

    Sludge catcher ФЛ-240is intended for primary purification of oils, received from oil press, from suspended particles (sludge) by settling.

    By Metan FZCO based in Dubai, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES.

  • Oil Sludge Cleaning and Seperation

    As Environmental regulations and methodologies have tightened up its more important than ever to, eliminate, minimise and recycle whatever we can. To this end DFE has designed and built an oil sludge recovery unit which recovers oil from such products as refinery bulk tank sludge, refinery and processing plant waste pits and the like.

    By Screen Tec International Pte Ltd based in New Plymouth, NEW ZEALAND.

  • TeamTec - Model OG 400 - Incinerator

    With its sturdy and compact design and high performance the OG400C is one of our most popular models and an obvious first choice for solving the waste treatment onboard medium-sized vessels. Up to 512 000 kcal/h (596kW) – up to 81 l/h of sludge oil.

    By TeamTec AS based in Tvedestrand, NORWAY. from Incinerator Product line

  • AWAS - Model Galaxie Tower - Oil-Sludge-Separator/Coalescence Separator

    The 3 stage separator for industrial use. The vortex separator AWAS Galaxie Tower combines the classic oil separator, coalescence separator and sludge trap. This solution is for maximum efficiency, safety and saving space – all in one component. Attention: oils will be automatically unloaded, as well as sludge. The compact design provides ...

    By AWAS International GmbH based in Wilnsdorf, GERMANY.

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