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  • Tips for Complying with the New York City Recycling Mandates.

    The NYC Department of Sanitation (DOS) states that it’s illegal for recyclables to be collected in the same bag as garbage. Here’s 5 top tips to help you avoid facing penalties: 1. Keep recycling and trash together. Reduce your stream contamination by keeping waste and recycling bins together. If bins become separated people will use the closest bin rather than the correct bin to ...


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  • Tyre Shredder

    Tyre Shredder

    Applications Aluminium Cans&Bottles Cardboard Corrugated Carpet Cartons,Cores&Tubes Documents Printing Waste Plastics Drum Organic Waste Plastics Recycling Equipment Descriptions And Images This kind Two Shafts Shredder sery is used to shered many kinds of waste ,such as the carpet and textile,hard drives,mixed waste,medical Scraps,elecronic scraps,computer ...