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Module Systems

by Sutco UK Ltd     based in Purley, UNITED KINGDOM

Module Systems is waste which is collected in a mixed a nd unseated manner. Approx. 250 kg of household waste is generated In the European households per capita every year. Household waste mainly contains m a-terials.suchas: organic waste (garden and kitchen waste), paper/cardboard, mineral material, plastics, textiles, glass, metals, leather, ...

LUCAS Anaerobic

by Ion Exchange Waterleau Ltd.     based in Navi Mumbai, INDIA

LUCAS Anaerobic is the brand name for an anaerobic waste water treatment system which uses  Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket, Upflow Anaerobic Contact, Anaerobic Filtration and Hybrid Anaerobic Filtration technologies for treating waste water depending on specific requirement. The LUCAS Anaerobic technology is typically applied as a first ...

Model RE / REVA - Biological Rotaryperculator

by COSME srl     based in Torri Di Quartesolo, ITALY

Biological waste disposal by means of rotating perculators or rotaryperculators is not a recent discovery. However, given its innumerable advantages, the system has, over the years, found an ever widening range of applications. The basic principles of the system are, by now, well known: the bacterial flora which grows on the rotating surface ...

KLAWA - Biological cleaning

by KLAWA Anlagenbau GmbH     based in Gudensberg, GERMANY

Biological cleaning is at the heart of a sewage plant. This is where microorganisms break down organic substances in wastewater and inorganic substances are partially oxidised. Substances are broken down by adding oxygen and mixing it through the wastewater in aeration basins. The detachable KLAWA aeration element is one tried-and-tested technical ...

Biocelle - Model CSA - Composting System

by Syntal Italy Srl     based in Borgo Priolo (PV), ITALY

This is a composting system that achieves Static Accelerated maturation of the organic fraction in a single week. Thanks to the air distribution system the biocell is fully ventilated and the recirculation does not limit the amount to be sent to deodorization. The perfectly sealed environment in which the process takes place allows for the ...

Fontana - Model SCC-H, SCC-HG Series - Self Cleaning Coarse Screen

by Fontana R, s.r.o.     based in Brno, CZECH REPUBLIC

Self-cleaning coarse screen are intended for WWTP pre-treatment structures, for collecting and removing floating and drifted coarse coarse screenings (rags, wood, organic waste) from incoming wastewater. They shall be installed behind the gravel trap, before grit chamber or mechanical fine screen.

Neutra - Acidic Waste Air Treatment System

by Neutra Kunststoffbau GmbH     based in Teisendorf, GERMANY

The purpose of a waste air absorption unit is to remove contaminants from the fumes arising in surface finishing processes.Neutra‘s absorption units comply with statutory threshold values for exhaust emissions, thus reducing air pollution while protecting the environment for the future. Its absorption systems are designed in collaboration ...

ORBIS - Model NPL 280 - Organic Waste Carts and Bins

by ORBIS Corporation     based in Oconomowoc, WISCONSIN (USA)

Now from ORBIS (formerly Norseman Environmental). This 12 gallon cart is designed for curbside organic waste collection (manual). Combined with the ORBIS Kitchen Collector, the Green Bin enables residents to divert food waste from landfills. The innovative 270 degree lid stays open while filling and emptying. The double rim lid keeps odors in. ...

Chelsea Technologies - UviLux Fluorometer

by Fastwave     based in Subiaco, AUSTRALIA

The UviLux is a family of sensitive, low cost, digital in-situ UV fluorometers designed for real-time monitoring of concentrations of refined amp; crude hydrocarbons, Coloured Dissolved Organic Matter (CDOM) and Tryptophan, a surrogate marker for Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD), optical brighteners and bacterial contamination in waste, recycled and ...

BioSal - Model MBA - Dynamic Intensive-Biological Composting Technology for Waste Treatment Plants

by BioSal Anlagenbau GmbH     based in Bad Lausick, GERMANY

Compact and future-oriented design. Low energy requirement by automatic plant operation. Reliable hygienisation and degration of biogen input material. Only 7 to 10 days intensive rotting time (in dependence on input material). self-sufficient operability of each BioSal-DYN makes incremental plant investments possible depending on the required ...

Downfired Thermal Oxidizers for Organic Waste Systems

by Callidus Technologies - part of UOP, a Honeywell Company     based in Tulsa, OKLAHOMA (USA)

Aqueous or organic waste streams containing inorganic or organic salts require that the Thermal Oxidizer be down-fired to prevent the accumulation of molten salts in the oxidizer furnace. Our Downfired Thermal Oxidizer systems routinely meet or exceed 99% destruction efficiencies for most waste components. Particulate matter emission rates may ...

BioGasClean - Biogas - Renewable Energy from Organic Waste Streams

by BioGasClean     based in Odense, DENMARK

There is increasing focus on protecting the environment and exploiting renewable energy sources. It is now mandatory to treat industrial and agricultural waste streams before discharge. This applies to farms with livestock, food processing plants, breweries, palm oil mils, starch factories, ethanol distilleries, paper mills and municipal sewage ...

Sordisep Technology

by Organic Waste Systems     based in Ghent, BELGIUM

The wet separation process is positioned after the DRANCO digester in order to treat a digestate free from sticky organic components which are converted into biogas in the digester, facilitating wet separation and optimal removal of inerts and sand. Inerts, sand and organic fraction can be recovered and cleaned in order to produce marketable ...

BioGas - Value from Organic Waste

by BioGTS Ltd.     based in Jyväskylä, FINLAND

Biogas technology offers a means for efficient conversion of organic wastes into energy, valuable biofuels and high quality fertilizers. Biogas can be used for energy production in similar way as natural gas: for heat, electricity, vehicle fuel and kitchen gas. Biogas is a very clean fuel with zero greenhouse gas emissions and up to 99 % lower ...

SpillAway - Model GTO -10 Ltrs - Synergistic Liquid

by Spill Doctor (SA)     based in Cape Town, SOUTH AFRICA

This product was developed to digest the grease, fats and organic wastes that accumulate in grease traps and drain lines GTO is a live synergistic liquid blend of all natural, CLASS 1 bacteria specifically chosen for their accelerated ability to metabolize solids, grease, fats, proteins, lipids and detergents into carbon dioxide (CO2) and water. ...

Mavitec - Washing Drum

by Mavitec Green Energy     based in Heerhugowaard, NETHERLANDS

The Washing Drum cleans the removed inorganic materials from the Food Depackaging or kerbside waste recycling systems. The inorganic material will be cleaned with warm water, to make it free from fats and other organic material. This process helps to reduce the weight and the volume of the non organic materials which results in lower costs for ...

TreatMent - Continuous Treatment Plants

by TreatMent     based in Tel Aviv, ISRAEL

Plants of this type are used for production of demineralized water without use of hydrochloric acid and sodium hydroxide. Among other things they are used in boiler houses, district heating plants, hospitals, dialysis centers, and laboratories, for process water in the pharmaceuticals industry and the chemical industry as well as in connection ...

VMpress - Kaiserslautern Plant

by VMpress s.r.l.     based in Ovada, ITALY

The plant in Kaiserslautern is fed with appr. 40,000 t/a of municipal solid waste, but it has been conceived for the treatment of up to 100,000 t in the event that the waste supply area should be extended.Municipal waste is unloaded in the reception area and directly fed into the hopper of extruder press by means of a grab bucket.The extruder ...

Pattumella - Plastic Container

by C.P. Cartoplastica     based in Gricignano di Aversa (CE), ITALY

The PATTUMELLA is the small polypropylene container by volume of 10 liters, designed for organic waste separation. Made by polypropylene, they are available in different colors. This material provides high impact resistance, aging and fading. It is practical and easy to handle, the opening has been designed to facilitate a quickly introduction of ...

EcoCombi - Model 150 - Wood Chipper and Green Waste Shredder

by GreenMech     based in Alcester, UNITED KINGDOM

Combining the versatility of both a chipper and a shredder, the award-winning EcoCombi 150 comes with a 35hp water-cooled diesel Isuzu engine and uses GreenMech’s patented Disc-Blade chipping/shredding system. Designed with power, strength and versatility in mind, this trailed unit has proven popular with contractors and local authorities ...

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