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Wet Organic Waste (Organic Waste) equipment

  • Model NPL 280 - Organic Waste Carts and Bins

    Residents are recycling waste as never before. Demand for a mid-capacity, wet organics bin is high for domestic and commercial applications. The ORBIS 12-gallon Green Bin is ideal for efficient curbside collection of organic waste. As much as 50% of organic waste can be diverted from landfills when residents are educated about the benefits of ...

    By ORBIS Corporation based in Oconomowoc, WISCONSIN (USA). from Organic Waste Carts and Bins Product line

  • Mavitec - Shop Return Press

    The Shop Return Press separates the organic material from various non-organic materials (Packaging) by the pressing technique. The Shop Return Press is suitable for shop returns, restaurant returns, kerbside waste and many other products that needed to be pressed.

    By Mavitec Green Energy based in Heerhugowaard, NETHERLANDS. from Food Recycling Equipment - Wet Organic Co-products Product line

  • Mavitec - Washing Drum

    The Washing Drum cleans the removed inorganic materials from the Food Depackaging or kerbside waste recycling systems. The inorganic material will be cleaned with warm water, to make it free from fats and other organic material. This process helps to reduce the weight and the volume of the non organic materials which results in lower costs for ...

    By Mavitec Green Energy based in Heerhugowaard, NETHERLANDS. from Food Recycling Equipment - Wet Organic Co-products Product line

  • Organic Material / Compost Carts

    At SCHAEFER, we understand that converting yard waste into a usable product starts in a homeowner’s backyard. So our Yard Waste Containers are designed to make waste separation easy and yield a cleaner, high-quality end product ideal for composting.

    By Schaefer Systems International, Inc. based in Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Waste Technology Product line

  • Sordisep - Wet Separation Plant

    The wet separation process is positioned after the DRANCO digester in order to treat a digestate free from sticky organic components which are converted into biogas in the digester, facilitating wet separation and optimal removal of inerts and sand. Inerts, sand and organic fraction can be recovered and cleaned in order to produce marketable ...

    By OWS based in Ghent, BELGIUM. from Biogas Plants - Household Waste Product line

  • Toter - Model Generation II - Organics FEL Container

    Stronger and more rugged than standard plastic front load containers (FELs), Toter’s Generation II Organics FEL Container features a steel-rod-reinforced rim and base to prevent bowing under the weight of heavy, wet, organic waste while maintaining the integrity of the container. And, because the container is plastic, it will withstand ...

    By Toter, Inc. - a brand of Wastequip, Inc. based in Statesville, NORTH CAROLINA (USA). from Municipalities Governments- Organics Product line

  • Ducon - Chemical Strippers

    Ducon supplies custom engineered chemical strippers to remove benzene, ammonia, volatile organic compounds and other inorganic chemicals and gases from water and waste water streams. Ducon can also design vacuum strippers under low absolute pressure conditions to enhance the pollutant removal efficiency. Ducon has designed strippers to handle ove ...

    By Ducon Technologies Inc. based in Farmingdale, NEW YORK (USA). from Wet Collection Technologies Product line


    Ecodyger PRO is designed to process any type of organic waste such as rice, pasta, bread, meat, fish, rabbit and chicken bones, shells and shellfish, vegetables, fruits and pits. Furthermore, the machine processes all the new biodegradable materials (plates, glasses, cutlery, etc. ...), including paper napkins, used in catering. Large bones such ...

    By C. F. IMPIANTI SRL based in Fiorenzuola d'Arda /PC, ITALY.

  • EnviroPure - Model EPW - Wet Food Disposal System

    EnviroPure's revolutionary EPW food waste disposal system is a self-contained, continual feed, organic waste disposal system designed to convert food waste into water.

    By EnviroPure Systems, Inc. based in Travelers Rest, SOUTH CAROLINA (USA).

  • Tiger - Model HS 640 - Organic Waste Processing Machine

    A main goal to achieve: to separate organic waste from packaging starting from different types of food waste. A simple and quick system, with reduced size and with lower operating costs per tonne decidedly modest.

    By Tiger Depack - a brand by Cesaro Mac Import Srl based in Eraclea (VE), ITALY.

  • Envitech - Model WESP - Wet Electrostatic Precipitator

    Envitech’s wet electrostatic precipitator (WESP) uses electrostatic forces to remove particulate.  It is used to treat gas streams with sub-micron particulate, aerosols, or fumes.  These can include heavy metals such as lead, arsenic, or cadmium, condensed acid aerosols like sulfur trioxide (SO3), or condensed volatile organic ...

    By Envitech, Inc. based in San Diego, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • Sorting & Recycling Systems

    Undifferentiated waste material is delivered to an enclosed, negative pressure air flow receiving area equipped with a bio filter to prevent odor from spreading outside the facility. Waste is coarsely ground and loaded into a powerful press extrusion processwhere it is squeezed through a high pressure machine and converted into wet fraction and ...

    By WT Energy SMEA S.r.l based in Repubblica di San Marino, ITALY. from Municipal Solid Waste Product line

  • Organica - Model Formula 33 - Microbial Formulation

    ORGANICA FORMULA-33 contains adapted microorganisms specifically formulated for use in municipal and food production waste-water collection systems. ORGANICA FORMULA-33 is composed of aerobic and facultative anaerobic microorganisms. These microorganisms have been carefully selected from nature and adapted for optimum performance in diverse waste ...

    By Organica (UK) Limited based in Birkenhead, UNITED KINGDOM. from Waste Water Treatment Products Product line

  • Tannery ZLD for Effluent Treatment

    Leather tanning is one of the largest industries world wide, process involves skins, hides, hairs, tissues, and wet blue to finishing. Tannins are used along with salt and pickling. Normally these organic effluent consists of nominal loads of BOD in the range of 650- 1200 and COD in the range of 4000 - 6000. Process always involves anaerobic- ...

    By Canadian Clear based in San Antonio, TEXAS (USA). from Waste Water Treatment Product line

  • Bokashicycle - Organic Waste Management - Large Commercial and Industrial Fermenters

    Bokashicycle offers to the residential customer and small scale commercial industrial operators who wish to process anywhere from 400 pounds to 10 tons per month waste material specially designed very efficient 55 gallon drum fermenters. Larger scale fermenting involves bays or standard 20 or 40 cubic yard hook and lift roll-off containers fitted ...

    By Bokashicycle LLC based in Henderson, NEVADA (USA).

  • Oxyfoam - Microbial Formulation

    OXYFOAM is a unique formulation to break down sewer grease and fat and overcome the foul odours that arise from slow moving sewer lines, grease pits and traps. OXYFOAM contains selected slow and fast release sources of oxygen combined with adapted micro-organisms specifically formulated for use in municipal and food production waste-water ...

    By Organica (UK) Limited based in Birkenhead, UNITED KINGDOM. from Waste Water Treatment Products Product line

  • Model OX AD550 - Organic-Digestion Xeric-Conversion System

    This is a continuous high solids (“dry”) digestion process that can accept commingled food, wet waste, paper, cardboard, and landscape waste. It is tolerant of contamination although contamination should always be avoided or prevented. The output is wet organic material that should be land applied immediately, composted, aged, or ...

    By Impact Bioenergy based in Shoreline, WASHINGTON (USA). from Portable Bioenergy Systems Product line

  • GreenMech EcoCombi - Model 150 - Wood Chipper and Green Waste Shredder

    Combining the versatility of both a chipper and a shredder, the award-winning EcoCombi 150 comes with a 35hp water-cooled diesel Isuzu engine and uses GreenMech’s patented Disc-Blade chipping/shredding system. Designed with power, strength and versatility in mind, this trailed unit has proven popular with contractors and local authorities ...

    By GreenMech based in Alcester, UNITED KINGDOM. from GreenMech Green Waste Shredders Product line

  • Wipemaster - Wipe 1 Safe Solv Wet Wipes

    Wipe 1 is a specialist low lint non woven wiper ideally suited to remove grease, grime and light oil deposits from metal and composites. Tough 60gsm Wiper. Single Wipe Dispensing. A Clean Residue Free Wipe Every Time. No Waste. Economical in Use.

  • GS Organic Residuals Upgrader

    The technology employed in this device is unlike anything else on the market. The unit produces a highly valued natural soil-amendment from, quite literally, garbage. Available in three sizes, the wirelessly self-monitoring system takes a 400 million year-old technology, the worm, and places it in an optimized natural environment to quickly and ...

    By GreenScience Technologies Inc. based in Toronto, ONTARIO (CANADA).

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