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  • CETO 5 - Perth (WA) Project

    The Perth Project was the first demonstration of a complete grid-connected CETO system anywhere in the world, the only wave project to consist of three units operating together in an array and the only wave project globally to produce both power and freshwater.The Project produced power and freshwater for the Australian Department of Defence to supply Australia’s largest na


Equipment & Solutions

  • Pure Chromatography Systems

    Pure Chromatography Systems

    The Pure chromatography instruments are extremely compact, ensure safety on the highest level and are easy to use for any flash or prep HPLC application. The platform has been designed to protect you and your sample and to get more purification in a very convenient way with using minimal space.

Upcoming Events

  • 2-day The HPLC & LC-MS Clinic

    2-day The HPLC & LC-MS Clinic

    First, the course examines the method development process in detail; covering the objectives of analytical method development, how many components to be separated and the required sensitivity, selectivity, specificity and the speed of analysis. This is followed by system optimisation and configuration for HPLC and LC-MS. All of this knowledge is then put to the test in case studies. The course ...