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  • Hail and Ice Precipitation Sensor
    Showcase Product

    Hail and Ice Precipitation Sensor

    By Optical Scientific Inc. (OSi)

    An add-on to OWI systems for colder climates. The HIP-100 sensor measures the micro-impacts acoustically. The resulting information is included in the OWI data output.

  • Vacuum Suction Transportation System
    Showcase Product

    Vacuum Suction Transportation System

    By Ulma AB

    Air Move 1500 is a fully automatic transportation of pellets with built-in daily storage Now the time is gone with carrying pellet bags from bulky storage rooms in the garden. Now you just press the button and pellets ...

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    Band 5 der Schriftenreihe Thermische Biomassenutzung Wesentliche Themen dieses Buches sind: - Bewertung möglicher Rohstoffe sowie deren Pote

  • IMSBC Code & Supplement

    IMSBC Code & Supplement

    The IMSBC Code, adopted on 4 December 2008 by resolution MSC.268(85), entered into force on 1 January 2011, from which date it was made manda

Companies & Suppliers

  • Optical Scientific Inc. (OSi)

    Optical Scientific Inc. (OSi)

    Optical Scientific Inc. (OSi) is the leader in weather & environmental sensors. Our innovative optical technology has a wide variety of ...

  • Bioconservacion SA

    Bioconservacion SA

    Bioconservacion provides air purification systems and odour control filters. We manufacture and service Gas Phase Filtration systems to eliminate H2S ...

  • ANDRITZ Separation - a division of the Andritz Group

    ANDRITZ Separation - a division of the Andritz Group

    ANDRITZ Separation, trusted partner for process solutions for waste water treatment. There is a wide range of challenges in municipal drinking water ...