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  • Anti-blinding Device Consists
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    Anti-blinding Device Consists

    By Vibrowest Italiana Srl

    The Kleener anti-blinding device consists of a working mesh ring on top, and a perforated plate on the bottom with plastic rings placed in-between. The vibration of the screener allows plastic rings to move continuously ...

  • String Wound Cartridges
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    String Wound Cartridges

    By Asco Filtri Spa

    The SWD series cartridges are the most common depth filter element. The cartridges are manufactured in a single piece also for the 80” element length. A single strand of synthetic or natural fibers is wounded ...

  • Bag Opener and Bottle Perforators
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    Bag Opener and Bottle Perforators


    Imabe plastic bottle perforator is able to punch pet bottles and other plastic containers in order to reduce the volume and avoid air hold pressures at the moment of baling the material. It is supplied in mobile or ...

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    NIELSEN designs and manufactures equipments and global solutions for the collection, sorting and recycling of industrial wastes and packagings. ...