PET Bottle Recycling

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  • How much plastic is recycled?

    How much plastic is recycled?

    Let’s face it, since the invention of plastics, we are addicted to it. We use it everywhere in our lives, from food wrap to shopping bag, from water bottles to kids’ toys. The more we use it, the more we find it convenient. Plastics are easy to produce, easy to mold in shapes, and easy to throw away. However, due to the massive amount of plastic waste, we encounter 2 questions: how to ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Smart Waste Baler

    Smart Waste Baler

    If you want a baler that will perform with an optimized energy efficiency, choose the Presona baler. The correct capacity Presona baler to meet the customer’s requirements is always available. The Presona Baler Series consists of 6 basic models, the OH, EH, VH, CH, DH and XH. These letters refer to size of the feed opening. All models are available with either larger or doubled up motors ...