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  • To-and-Fro Bridge with Pumps
    Showcase Product

    To-and-Fro Bridge with Pumps


    The to-and-fro bridge with pump has the function of extracting the material (sludge, sand, etc.) on the bottom of the tank through the pumps and of conveying it to a reinforced concrete discharge channel. Hence, the ...

  • AIr Filtration in Vertical Tube System
    Showcase Product

    AIr Filtration in Vertical Tube System

    By Bioconservacion SA

    The VTS System consists of a vertical tube which provides high levels of efficiency for handling air flows in the range of 8,000 to 68,000 m3/h. It is designed to be located outside the area to be protected and to ...

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  • USA Borescopes

    USA Borescopes

    USA Borescopes is a global supplier of world class visual inspection equipment. We are the one stop source of professionals around the world. Whether ...

  • Coulson Ice Blast

    Coulson Ice Blast

    Coulson Ice Blast is a manufacturer of industrial cleaning equipment that uses crushed ice cubes as a blast media. The technology is analogous to ...

  • Bird-X Inc.

    Bird-X Inc.

    Bird-X is the international leader in humane pest and bird control solutions, protecting human health, wildlife and the environment in which we all ...