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  • Jetter Sewer Scoping Camera
    Showcase Product

    Jetter Sewer Scoping Camera

    By USA Borescopes

    Jetcam is built with 1.3" diameter self-leveling camera head for unsurpassed inspection quality. Inspects 6" to 12" with larger skids for larger pipes up to 18”. Jetcam can also integrate with sewer cleaning ...

  • Glass Fibre Probe System
    Showcase Product

    Glass Fibre Probe System

    By Hermann Sewerin GmbH

    Non-metal pipes can be detected if the glass fibre rod can be inserted into the pipe in question. The rod is equipped with a copper strand so that it can be energized by a pipeline locating system such as FERROPHON or ...

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  • USA Borescopes

    USA Borescopes

    USA Borescopes is a global supplier of world class visual inspection equipment. We are the one stop source of professionals around the world. Whether ...

  • InduMar Products, Inc.

    InduMar Products, Inc.

    InduMar Products, Inc. provides a unique solution for repairing leaking pipes that has won world wide acceptance in environments where lost time is ...

  • Medit Inc.

    Medit Inc.

    Tools have been developed over hundreds of years to allow people to view inaccessible areas, within complex objects, including the human body. More ...