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Pipe Cleaning equipment for Waste and Recycling

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    ORBO - Model 20351 - 60 FLORISIL Purified/Deactivated (30/45), 100/50 mg

    W,F,F (specially cleaned) separators, O.D. × L 6 mm × 75 mm, pkg of 50 ea.

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    Glass Fibre Probe System

    Non-metal pipes can be detected if the glass fibre rod can be inserted into the pipe in question. The rod is equipped with a copper strand so that it can be energized by a pipeline locating system such as FERROPHON or UtiliTrac using a generator and then detected using a receiver. In this way, the path of the pipe in question can be determined ...

    By Hermann Sewerin GmbH based in Gütersloh, GERMANY. from Glass Fibre Probe System Product line

  • Jumbo Combo - Large Diameter Pipe Cleaning Truck

    The Jumbo Combo is perfect for large diameter pipe cleaning jobs where smaller water pumps and vacuum systems will not be able to complete the task at hand. The Jumbo Combo is designed with a 5,250 CFM 27” Hg blower and large capacity 120 or 150 GPM water pumps.

    By Aquatech - A Product of Hi-Vac Corporation based in Marietta, ILLINOIS (USA).

  • Fiberglass Push Rod

    Projectile Tube Cleaning’s flexible fiberglass rod is used for removing blockages from obstructed tubes.  The rod comes with a durable brass tip for pounding out blockages and the rod is flexible enough to be maneuvered into confined spaces, like condensers.  The fiberglass rods can be cut to any length necessary.

    By Projectile Tube Cleaning, Inc. based in Ford City, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Fiberglass Push Rod Product line

  • Terydon - Model SHR-39 - Dual Static Hose Reel

    Terydon, Inc. is an intricate, cohesive company with the ability to supply larger corporations in quantity, as well as deal with the specifc need and requests of individuals or smaller businesses. The Terydon Static Hose Reel surpasses the cleaning capabilities of standard hand lancing, and ensures safety for the user by removing them from the ...

    By Terydon, Inc. based in Navarre, OHIO (USA). from Dual Static Hose Reel Product line

  • Pipe Blast Cleaning

    Hodge Clemco pipe cleaning tools are designed to blast clean the interior of pipes, tubes, flues, etc, removing stubborn milscale, rust, carbon, coke, paint, etc. The cleaning action leaves the surface free from dust, abrasive and contaminants ready for the application of long life coating systems. Hodge Clemco’s cleaning tools are suitable ...

    By Hodge Clemco Ltd. based in South Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Pipe Blast Cleaning Product line

  • Ring Jet Nozzles

    This hardened steel Nozzle for general cleaning will convince through its high performance. The specific pattern of the jets provides optimum cleaning of the pipe walls free of streaks you therefore can achieve very good results in fatty sewers. This nozzle has a high power to push it forward and is also suitable for water-recycling.

    By Aquapower Waterjet Technology based in UNITED KINGDOM. from Ring Jet Nozzles Product line

  • Model RAM-PRO-XL - Contractor Chiller Tube Cleaner

    Chiller tube cleaning better than ever before. Not only does the RAM-PRO-XL® featuring TubeGuard technology clean tubes better than ever, it also protects them from oxidation and corrosion while the chiller is offline after cleaning.  This unit is designed from top to bottom to deliver cleaner chiller tubes. It boasts a completely ...

    By Goodway Technologies Corporation based in Stamford, CONNECTICUT (USA). from Contractor Chiller Tube Cleaner Product line

  • AutoBox - Model ProDrive 100 - Hose Feed Device

    The ProDrive is a hose feed device engineered to quickly and safely clean a broad range of pipes with or without a flange. The system is lightweight portable, and highly adaptable, making it the perfect tool for limited access applications. Multiple mounting options are available for use with a variety of pipe sizes and configurations. The system ...

    By StoneAge, Inc. based in Durango, COLORADO (USA). from Hose Feed Device Product line

  • HAPP - Pipe Cleaning System

    A unique patented pipe cleaning system developed and tested with SHELL E&P in Houston. The particular need to clean parafins and hydrates out of crude oil transportation lines exceeding distances of 10miles led to the joint development of the patented HAPP (Hydraulically Activated Power Pig) Technology. HAPP is a unique system that uses Crude ...

    By Aqua Drill International based in Dickinson, TEXAS (USA).

  • Mini Moles Nozzles (MM)

    Fixed orifice small profile nozzle used for tube cleaning. Nozzle has tapered nose and sleek body for unrestricted travel through corroded tubes. XX in part number defines Maximum Working Pressure and/or Geometry variations. Maximum Working Pressure = Up To 10,000psi (1034 bar). Arthur Products will custom drill up to eight orifices at no ...

    By Arthur Products Company based in Medina, OHIO (USA). from Mini Moles Nozzles (MM) Product line

  • Pile Finishing Machine

    The pile finishing machine is used during the production of pre-stressed concrete piles. The machine is designed to clean out the steel endplates which separate the piles in the mould. Therefore the machine uses a powerful vacuum system. With a manually operated suction tube the wet concrete is sucked out of the pile separator boxes. By cleaning ...

    By Machinefabriek van de Weert b.v. based in Helmond, NETHERLANDS. from Pile Finishing Machine Product line

  • Tube Cleaning and Pipe Cleaning

    You are at right place for your requirement of High pressure water jet tube & pipe cleaning by Hydrojetting.Pressure Jet offers tube cleaning and pipe cleaning system and ultra high pressure water jetting equipments for evaporator tube cleaning, condenser tube cleaning, heat exchanger tube cleaning & various pipe cleaning applications. Pressure ...

    By A1 PressureJet Systems Pvt. Ltd. based in Ahmedabad, INDIA.

  • Standard Cleaning Rubber Ball

    In our company, a complete range of cleaning balls has been developed to cope with various types of tube fouling, different tube materials and variable pressure drops in condensers. We have three kinds of rubber balls including standard cleaning balls, peeled cleaning balls and Corundum blended cleaning balls.

  • Super Flusher Nozzles

    18º Super Flusher. Heavy duty nozzle for maintenance work in 8' or larger pipe. Jets angles for combined flushing and penetrating. Super Flusher penetrates and flushes in the same pass.

    By Shamrock Pipe Tools, Inc based in Baton Rouge, LOUISIANA (USA). from Super Flusher Nozzles Product line

  • RTS-Tangential Nozzles Up To 300 Bar

    The RTS Tangential Nozzle is provided with 4 pipe cleaning jets (90° tangential) and 3 thrust nozzles and thus solves the problem of a thorough cleaning of drain pipes containing transversal holes or of a thorough flushing out of residues (in form of stripes) in ordinary pipes. The RTS Tangential Nozzle uses backwards slanting jets thus driving ...

    By Brendle GmbH based in Hülben, GERMANY.

  • Enz Golden Jet - Model RGS 75 - Radial Rotating Nozzles

    The radial rotating nozzles enz golden jet are equipped with 4 radial jets of 75° for the pipe cleaning and 3 thrust jets for the advance which at the same time flush away the loosened residues. As a result, pipe ducts of all kinds, even with cross holes, will be cleaned. The moving part of the enz golden jet nozzle rotates at a limited speed. ...

    By Enz Technik AG based in Giswil, SWITZERLAND. from Radial Rotating Nozzles Product line

  • Sunkaier - Model MVR - Falling Film Evaporator

    MVR is a mechanical vapor recompression technology, (mechanical vapor recompression). MVR is the re-use of secondary energy produced by its own steam, thus reducing the demand external energy.  It is a power-saving technique. These evaporator components are similar to steam driven machinery with the addition of a mechanical compressor.  ...

    By Sunkaier, LLC based in Wilmington, DELAWARE (USA). from Falling Film Evaporator Product line

  • EPAS - Plumbing and Electrical Supplies

    Plumbing made easy with the flexiplumb range, innovative and versatile epdm rubber plumbing connections for domestic and commercial use. Compliant with EN 681-2 Standards.Manufactured in EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (M Class) Rubber.

    By Environmental Products and Services Ltd based in Newry, Co. Down, NORTHERN IRELAND.

  • Model GC11 - Tube Cleaning Gun

    Robinson Combination Air andWater Cleaning Gun is light weight and easy to use. One squeeze of the trigger allows water to lubricate tube and brush. A further squeeze of the trigger propels the brush through the tube. Cleans Condenser or Heat Exchanger Tubes in seconds. For 3/8' to 1 3/8' Tubes. GC11 Gun Complete with Carrying Case.

    By John R. Robinson Inc based in Long Island City, NEW YORK (USA). from Tube Cleaning Gun Product line

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