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Plasma Technologies equipment for Waste and Recycling

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    PyroPlas - Plasma Arc Destruction of PFAS

    Argon Plasma Arc Destruction is one of the most environmentally friendly, safe and economical technologies able to deal with hard to destroy, hazardous and environmentally damaging substances.The process involves a high-energy DC plasma torch producing plasma consisting of atoms, ions and electrons with temperatures far in excess of those attained ...

    By econ industries services GmbH based in Starnberg, GERMANY.

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    Yamato - Model PR200/300/301 - Gas Plasma Reactor

    Standard barrel type low temperature ashing devices suitable for a wide range of application such as ashing , etching and dry cleaning.

    By Yamato Scientific America Inc. based in Santa Clara, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Gas Plasma Reactor Product line

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    Yamato - Model PR500/510 - Gas Plasma Reactor

    Compact, barrel type low temperature ashing device designed with a large chamber made of quartz considered almost completely resistant against most plasma processes.

    By Yamato Scientific America Inc. based in Santa Clara, CALIFORNIA (USA). from Gas Plasma Reactor Product line

  • Mustang - Model COLT 4828 - Small Batch Fast Cycle Sputter Systems

    Small Batch Fast Cycle sputter systems designed to maximize production. Industry leading 3.5 minute cycle produces in rates that can synchronize with injection molding machines to optimize your throughput potential. Rotating single or multi-planetary fixture designs provide uniform coating of a wide range of 3D substrate materials and coatings. ...

    By Mustang Vacuum Systems LLC based in Sarasota, FLORIDA (USA). from Small Batch Fast Cycle Sputter Systems Product line

  • PerkinElmer - Model Optima™ 8300 - ICP-OES Spectrometer

    The Optima 8300 is a bench-top, dual-view ICP-OES with two solid-state SCD detectors, delivering superior detection limits and true simultaneous measurements.

    By PerkinElmer, Inc. based in Billerica, MASSACHUSETTS (USA). from ICP-OES Spectrometer Product line

  • Piranha - Plasma Conversion System

    Abatement of global warming PFC gases. The semiconductor industry has committed itself to further reduce its emissions of perfluorinated compounds (PFCs), which give rise to the 'greenhouse effect'. Most semiconductor manufacturers have already begun to implement measures to combat PFC emissions, with PFC abatement a key part of an overall ...

    By Cs Clean Systems AG based in Ismaning, GERMANY.

  • Thermal Spray

    Air Plasma Spray (APS), Conventional DC Plasma, High Enthalpy Plasma, High Velocity Air Plasma, Hybrid systems, Vacuum Plasma Spray (VPS/LPPS), High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF), Twin Wire Arc Spray (TWAS), CombustionSpray (Powder and Wire), Detonat'on Spray.

    By Surface Modification Systems, Inc based in Santa Fe Springs, CALIFORNIA (USA).

  • SPI - Plasma Cutting Plate

    When customers request plasma-cut plate products they are partnering with a company that has been combining precision CNC control with plasma torches for decades. Plasma-cut plate parts are produced with little or no finishing required, and the process delivers near-laser precision.

    By Stainless Processing, Inc. based in Coatesville, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • optrel - Model e680 - High End Welding Helmets

    The optrel e680 helmet was designed especially for welding experts with varying job requirements and a need for an extensive range of individual adjustment options. It is the only helmet to allow the wearer to select between DIN 5 to DIN 13 shade levels and can be used with a very wide range of welding methods and amperages without any ...

    By optrel AG based in Wattwil, SWITZERLAND. from High End Welding Helmets Product line

  • Cutting Edges

    Wear Resistant Bevelled Cutting Edges. Abraservice UK supply hot rolled wear resistant steel edges in a range of hardness from 250 HB to 500 HB. These can be supplied with either a single or double bevelled edge from a selection of standard sizes cut to length and with holes if needed. These products are hot rolled to dimension and then heat ...

    By Abraservice UK based in Birmingham, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • WPC - Torches

    Westinghouse Plasma Corp.  torches are sophisticated devices but their purpose is simple – they are high temperature heating devices.

    By Alter NRG Corp based in Calgary, ALBERTA (CANADA).

  • Model PPT-ST - Steam Plasma Arc Torches for Transferred Mode

    The new generation of steam plasma arc torches is transferred mode direct current with power up to 600kW. The steam plasma arc torch PPT-st-600DC a length is 2140 mm and a diameter of 300 mm and a weighs about 80 kg. It was developed for special melting furnace, for this reason has such dimensions. It has a power up to 600 kW. The cathode are made ...

    By High Temperature Technologies Corp. (HTT) based in Chateauguay, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Steam Plasma Arc Torches for Transferred Mode Product line

  • Diode Magnetron

    In Diode Sputtering, there is no use of magnets and thus, no magnetic field to contain the plasma. This means that plasma ions flow freely throughout the vacuum system and activate the entire surface area of the target, increasing target utilization. However, this also means that sputtered film particles are free to move throughout the chamber, ...

    By Angstrom Sciences, Inc. based in Duquesne, PENNSYLVANIA (USA). from Diode Magnetron Product line

  • TransCut Plasma Cutting

    In the past there have been a number of drawbacks associated with plasma cutting. Not least, conventional cutting processes suffer from limited mobility due to the fact that they require a supply of compressed air. The large proportion of nitrogen in the plasma jet, moreover, encouraged chemical reactions at the heated cutting surfaces and the ...

    By Fronius based in Pettenbach, AUSTRIA.

  • PSC - Non-Transferred Arc Torch

    PSC's Non-Transferred Plasma Arc Torch houses both front and rear internal electrodes, creating a jet of plasma constrained to the end of the torch, while allowing the jet to be moved inside the furnace. The heat from a Non-Transferred Arc Torch is more dispersed than a Transferred Arc, and is suited for a wide range of applications including ...

    By Phoenix Solutions Company based in Minneapolis, MINNESOTA (USA). from Non-Transferred Arc Torch Product line

  • Symbios - Model TPR4000 - Plasma Oxidation System

    The patented Symbios TPR4000 Plasma Oxidation System is a low-power, plasma-based, advanced oxidation technology. The unique design of the TPR combines a continuous mixing mechanism with an air-enhanced plasma discharge system. Contaminated liquid enters from the top into the treatment chamber and is turbulently mixed and constantly exposed to the ...

    By Symbios Technologies LLC. based in Fort Collins, COLORADO (USA).

  • Model PP-500 - Plasma Furnace

    Plasma Furnace PP-500 for treatment of Municipal Solid Waste, Biomass, Scrap Tire, Plastic Waste and Biomedical Waste . Plasma furnace PP-500 is universal and used for the treatment and disposal of various waste. It has a capacity to process 500 kg of waste per hour. Plasma furnace equipped plasma arc torches PPT-250AC with a power of 250 kW each. ...

    By High Temperature Technologies Corp. (HTT) based in Chateauguay, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Plasma Furnace Product line

  • Model PR-50 & PR-100 - Plasma Reactor

    Plasma Pyrolysis Reactor PR-50 is used as a basis for the system that treats gaseous, liquid and disperse medical, toxic and chemical waste. Power used by the system is up to 100кW. By products (such as synthesis gas and powder) that are received as a result of the process can be used in other applications. Electric energy generated through ...

    By High Temperature Technologies Corp. (HTT) based in Chateauguay, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Plasma Reactor Product line

  • WPC Torches

    Westinghouse Plasma Corp.  torches are sophisticated devices but their purpose is simple – they are high temperature heating devices.At the most rudimentary level, plasma is just very high temperature thermal energy. In nature, plasma is produced by lightning when it superheats the air around a lightning bolt converting the air to ...

    By Westinghouse Plasma Corporation based in Madison, PENNSYLVANIA (USA).

  • MINIGUN - Thermal Spray Coating Systems

    Originally developed in 1995 for thermal spray coating systems, this compact, co-axial plasma torch known as the MINIGUN is our most compact and inexpensive solution for thermal applications. The MINIGUN can be fitted for radial injection of powders into the plasma plume. Used extensively by our own team for internal lab and pilot scale work, the ...

    By PyroGenesis Canada Inc. based in Montreal, QUEBEC (CANADA). from Thermal Spray Coating Systems Product line

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