Plastic Bottle Recycling

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  • 100ml Plastic Medicines Bottles

    100ml Plastic Medicines Bottles

    Product Name: 100ml Plastic Medicines Bottles (100ml Plastic Bottles)Material: The bottle body is made of PET materials, the cap is made of PP materials.Capacity: 100mlSlogan: Convenient and beautiful, good experience Convenient and beautiful, good experienceIntr

  • Plastic Spray Bottles

     Plastic Spray Bottles Description:The bottle is made of food grade PET. PET plastic has a highly symmetrical molecular structure and a certain crystallization orientation ability, so it has a ...


  • Axion welcomes ‘all-in’ Deposit Return Scheme proposal

    Proposals for an ‘all-in’ deposit return scheme (DRS) for drinks containers have been welcomed by Axion as a positive move to encourage people to recycle more and associate a value with waste plastic and other materials.Including cans ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Shredder


    The DT-1075SR Shredder model is manufactured in stainless steel and specially suited for use within marine environments. i.e. vessels and offshore installations.