Plastic Bottle Recycling

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Paper Baling Case Study

    Paper Baling Case Study

    A Council-owned recycling plant has been operating many of Advanced Recycling Systems' machines since the facility was established in 1990 with the additional delivery of a VB60RF Rear Feed Vertical ...

  • Plastic Spray Bottles

    Plastic Spray Bottles

    Plastic Spray Bottles Description: The bottle is made of food grade PET. PET plastic has a highly symmetrical molecular structure and a certain crystallization orientation ability, so it has a high ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Plastic Balers

    Plastic Balers

    Ideal for volume reduction of PET bottles, HDPE jars, plastic. Auto ejecting bale system. Liquid draining device. Open the door, electric shutted off. 24V control plate. Heavy duty pressing platen. Robust building. CE certificate.