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  • Mixed Plastic Granule Color Sorter

    Mixed Plastic Granule Color Sorter

    Why Need A Color Sorter During Granulation? In the production of plastic granules, the production of the granules of the former color is completed, usually without stopping the machine, and the next granule is produced immediately. This causes a situation in which granules of two colors are mixed together, and if they are not processed, waste is formed. The use of

  • Eraser Making Machine

    Eraser Making Machine

    This eraser packing machine is used for making rubber and PVC erasers which are commonly used in school and office, there are many kinds of erasers like single color, multicolor, heat transfer ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Plastics Reduction

    Plastics Reduction

    Shred-Tech custom designs and manufactures Plastic Reduction Systems to reclaim post consumer and industrial plastic wastes. Dual and four shaft shredders are often used to reduce large molded items, purgings, engineered plastics, film, etc., so that they may be further granulated for reuse in molding or directly to extruding.