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  • How to Choose a Right Rock Crusher?

    How to Choose a Right Rock Crusher?

    In the mining sector, crushers are the most essential crushing equipment and they can handle a wide variety of rocks. However, each mining machine has different performances and characteristics, so the materials they can process are also quite different. The choice of rock crusher placed on the production line depends on many factors. First of all, we must know about the characteristics ...

  • 5 Differences of Jaw Crusher and Impact Crusher

    Why distinguish different crushing equipment? After all, they are all used for crushing. In fact, because of the different purposes, they can be better selected to meet the needs of production. Here ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Crusher Bucket

    Crusher Bucket

    Unique in its kind in size and performance, the BF 150.10 is the largest crusher bucket in the world. Designed for excavators exceeding 70 Ton and ideal for applications in quarry, mining, and general crushing on large job sites. The BF 150.10 crusher bucket yields high results, productivity, and efficiency. Weighting over 10 Ton with a load capacity of 2,30 m3, the BF 150.10 crusher bucket is a ...