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Hako Hamster 500 E

by Hako GmbH     Office in GR-Athens, GREECE

The Hako Hamster 500 E is built on a robust, one-piece chassis; both the housing and chassis as well as the dirt hopper are absolutely corrosion-resistant. Thanks to compact dimensions, the manually operated sweeper is able to fully play to its advantages on smaller and narrow, restricted areas (working width without side brush 400 mm, with SB 600 ...

Hako-Citymaster 1200

by Hako GmbH     Office in GR-Athens, GREECE

The Hako-Citymaster 1200 provides a convincing solution to suit a wide range of applications. Tailor-made to meet the requirements in question. With numerous possibilities of expanding its functionality: for example, grounds and winter maintenance.

Geochem Engineering - Drainage Geocomposites Cover

by Geochem Engineering SA     based in Koropi, GREECE

GEOCHEM ENGINEERING's Drainage Geocomposites cover Drainage applications which start from Building Projects to complex Environmental and Infrastructure Projects.

Steel Spill Pallets


Steel Spill Pallets are durable & corrosion resistant, in blue powder paint or galvanized steel finishes. 100% tested leak tight sump, fully compliant. Removable grating for easy cleaning. Safely stores hazardous and flammable liquids to protect the environments.

Geochem - Geocells For Cellular Confinement System

by Geochem Engineering SA     based in Koropi, GREECE

GEOCHEM ENGINEERING’s Geocells or Cellular Confinement System are expandable lightweight cells, in various heights and density, which can create an Erosion barrier or /and Structural Foundation.

Trimline 25 Litter Bin

by Glasdon International Limited     Distributor in GREECE

TRIMLINE 25 wall or post mounting litter bin has a 25ltr capacity. It is manufactured in Duraplus material, a specially formulated, self-coloured plastic compound with outstanding vandal-resistance. TRIMLINE 25 litter bin can be supplied with either a black polyethylene liner or a zinc-coated steel liner.

Okeanis - Debris Booms

by Okeanis Aquatis Systems     based in Kilkis, GREECE

The placement of Okeanis floating systems provides and ensures all the essential safety precautions for the swimmers and the sail of marine means in each region. It does not suppress the communal seashore because safety passages are created per regular distances for the controlled approach of marine means to the coast, marked suitably and ...

Covered Spill Pallet


Covered Spill Pallets are designed for outdoor to prevent and contain spills from barrels and containers. The spilled liquid is restricted to the pallets so that it can be safely disposed or moved.

BioGasClean - Biogas - Renewable Energy from Organic Waste Streams

by BioGasClean     Distributor in Athens, GREECE

There is increasing focus on protecting the environment and exploiting renewable energy sources. It is now mandatory to treat industrial and agricultural waste streams before discharge. This applies to farms with livestock, food processing plants, breweries, palm oil mils, starch factories, ethanol distilleries, paper mills and municipal sewage ...

Okeanis - Floating Anti-Pollution Trap

by Okeanis Aquatis Systems     based in Kilkis, GREECE

The floating anti-pollution trap has been designed taking into consideration the need for effective collection of enormous quantities of litter-seaweed from the surface of the sea. i) a stable trap, which is permanently installed in an aquatic environment and by exploiting the usual local weather conditions, we lead the litter to certain points of ...

Hako-Citymaster 1200 CityCleaner

by Hako GmbH     Office in GR-Athens, GREECE

The Hako Citymaster 1200 has been tailor-made to meet the high demands placed on professional street and footpath cleaning. As an articulated compact sweeper it also ensures thorough cleanliness, even where space is limited. At the same time the machine concept guarantees the highest possible efficiency and economy for the operators. Once again ...

Strech Hood

by Thrace Plastics Pack S.A.     based in Alimos, GREECE

A PE film with excellent deformation resistance and thermal stability. Thrace Group stretch hood comes with UV resistance for long term exposure to the sun. Thrace Group Stretch Hood is mainly used in palletisation as it is designed to provide excellent load protection, load stability and load visibility along with good line speed, capital cost ...

Geochem Engineering - Erosion Mats

by Geochem Engineering SA     based in Koropi, GREECE

GEOCHEM ENGINEERING’s Erosion Products are in the form of Three Dimensional Mats and Juta biodegradable organic meshes.

Tana - Model BioChipper - Mobile Drum Chipper

by Tana Oy     Distributor in Attiki, GREECE

Getting the most out of your investment: TANA BioChipper is the smartest mobile drum chipper on the market. It has been designed to provide maximum uptime. The machine combines robust and reliable structure with the latest machine intelligence and excellent capacity.

Jet Scrubbers for Off-Gas Purification

by Körting Hannover AG     Distributor in Psichico, GREECE

Jet scrubbers are utilised for basic operations such as: Cooling - Scrubbing - Conveying. Exhaust air is accelerated by means of impulse exchange with t he motive-/rinsing liquid. This suction effect facilitates a gas-side pressure gain with which flow resistances can be compensated for. The action of atomising the rinsing liquid into the ...

Venturi Scrubber for Off-Gas Purification

by Körting Hannover AG     Distributor in Psichico, GREECE

The Venturi scrubber is utilised to separate dusts and hazes with particle sizes of less than 3 µm. Amongst other things, dedusting is dependent on: particle diameter and -density, droplet diameter and -quantity, the relative velocity between particles and droplets.

Geochem Engineering - Geogrids

by Geochem Engineering SA     based in Koropi, GREECE

GEOCHEM ENGINEERING’s Geogrids, from the low strength grade up to high strength, combined Independent body certificates (i.e B.B.A) along with their in situ proven performance. Our Company’s aim is not only the sales of qualified Geogrid products but also the technical support for the right choice of the best value/performance ...

Model PST/2400 - Beach Cleaning Machines

by D. Zaintoudis & Son G.P.     based in Agios Athanasios, GREECE

The PST/2400, the right machine for waste removal and oxygenation of beaches. A big simple structure, easy to handle. It is the result of years of study and tests which permit us to operate on beaches in any condition and to remove on dry as well as wet any type of solid waste (shells, bottles, tin caps, paper, stones, cans, gravel, seaweeds and ...

DEWA - Mobile Sludge Dewatering Plant

by Dewaco Ltd     Distributor in ATHENS, GREECE

The DEWA mobile sludge dewatering unit is a complete system that can be mounted on a trailer. It really is the ultimate “plug and play” system. The fully enclosed system creates an operator friendly environment with minimum risk of contact with sludge cake or vapours.

Rotowrap - Model 750mm - Stretch Film for Bale Wrapping Systems

by PTF Häusser GmbH     Distributor in GREECE

ROTOWRAP machines are working with 750mm wide film instead of 500mm film.

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