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Hako Hamster 500 E

by Hako GmbH     Office in Kiev, UKRAINE

The Hako Hamster 500 E is built on a robust, one-piece chassis; both the housing and chassis as well as the dirt hopper are absolutely corrosion-resistant. Thanks to compact dimensions, the manually operated sweeper is able to fully play to its advantages on smaller and narrow, restricted areas (working width without side brush 400 mm, with SB 600 ...

Hako-Citymaster 1200

by Hako GmbH     Office in Kiev, UKRAINE

The Hako-Citymaster 1200 provides a convincing solution to suit a wide range of applications. Tailor-made to meet the requirements in question. With numerous possibilities of expanding its functionality: for example, grounds and winter maintenance.

Pellet Mills for Biofuel Production

by ICK GROUP     based in Kyiv, UKRAINE

These pellet mills are used for production of the pelletized biofuel and difficult-to-pelletize products. The raw materials are: woodworking residues (sawdust, chips, slab etc.) and waste of the plant origin (sun flower, rape, soya husk and schrot, grain straw etc.). These pellet mills are also used for peat and fertilizer pelletizing.

Scorpion - Model R20FC - Hydraulic Shears

by Colmar S.P.A.     Office in Kyiv, UKRAINE

Weight 2150 Kg. Opening x Depth 460 x 535 mm. Force max 405 Ton.

Biogas Plants

by Zorg Biogas AG     Office in Kiev, UKRAINE

Biogas production is possible on biogas plants of very different scale. They can be small plants to produce energy for local needs or gigantic centralized Energy Parks for gas and electric power supply to public grid. Specially grown energy crops, agricultural industry wastes and many food wastes are all suitable for biogas production. Feedstock ...

Hako-Citymaster 1200 CityCleaner

by Hako GmbH     Office in Kiev, UKRAINE

The Hako Citymaster 1200 has been tailor-made to meet the high demands placed on professional street and footpath cleaning. As an articulated compact sweeper it also ensures thorough cleanliness, even where space is limited. At the same time the machine concept guarantees the highest possible efficiency and economy for the operators. Once again ...

Winterhold - Feeders

by Winterhold LP     based in UKRAINE

Feeders – reciprocating (shaking), vibrating, scraper. Designed for steady handling of non-sticky bulk materials with the grain size not more than half of the feeder plate from the hoppers, bins or other tanks into the process equipment or transporters.

Model B2000 - Automatic Balers

by Colmar S.P.A.     Office in Kyiv, UKRAINE

Length of container - 2.000 mm,Max force 1. and 2. door - 100 Ton/cad,Max force pushing pistonz - 90 Ton,Dimension of baled material - 300 x 300 mm,Engine power - 106 kW - 2200 Rpm.

Rotational molding

by Astermet     based in Dnipropetrovsk, UKRAINE

Astermet have been producing rotationally molded plastic products since 2008 year. Rotational Molding is a manufacturing process that creates low stress, hollow parts. Rotational molded parts are noted for their strength and consistent wall thickness.We deliver our products worldwide.Please, do not hesitate to write us back, if you need to receive ...

Absorbent Mats

by Sie Econad Ltd     based in Odessa, UKRAINE

Ingredients: polypropylene fibers + synthetic. material. Absorbable substances: oil, petroleum products, coolants, solvents. Colour: white. Reuse: 50%. Package: 16 pcs. Size, mm 500x400x9 /500x400x25 / 200x350x60 / 350x450x100. Absorption capacity (l) 288 / 298 /360     / 600.

Winterhold - Iron Separator

by Winterhold LP     based in UKRAINE

Iron Separator - designed for the extraction and manual removal of the ferromagnetic structures from the bulk non-magnetic materials transported through the conveyor belt.

UNTHA - Model RS150 - Industrial Shredder for scrap metal shredding

by UNTHA Shredding Technology     Distributor in UKRAINE

The RS150 is the largest UNTHA heavy duty four-shaft shredder and has been developed for especially difficult applications where a high throughput performance, high availability and low maintenance cost are all required. The highlight of this unique innovation is the newly designed UNTHA Eco Drive. The dynamic and energy-efficient drive concept ...

Ecopolymer - Model KDM-360 - Screw Compactor

by Ecopolymer     based in Kharkiv, UKRAINE

Technical features of the KDM-360: Capacity per hour: 200 kg. Density of a block: 300 kg/m3. Dimensions of a block: 380*380 mm.

Proline Prosonic - Model B 200 - Ultrasonic Transit Time Flowmeter

by Endress+Hauser     Office in Kyiv, UKRAINE

The Prosonic Flow B 200 has been specially developed for the biogas industry. It measures the volume flow of biogas, landfill or digester gas with high accuracy, even under greatly fluctuating operating conditions. In addition the Prosonic Flow B 200 offers in-situ methane content measurement. This unique feature enables continuous measurement of ...

Ecopolymer - Plastic Shredding

by Ecopolymer     based in Kharkiv, UKRAINE

Plastics can be of different types: from spongy/elastic polymeric structures to extra-hard high-tech materials. Effective shredding requires wide experience and high technology. We can adapt our shredders to meet all your requirents. The Ecopolymer offers different types of rotors, knives and cut technologies, which allow to grind such materials ...

Multilayer Vibrating Screens

by Inwet S.A     Office in UKRAINE

Multilayer vibrating screens are able to divide bulk or granular materials into number of fractions equal to the number of installed screens.

Single Layer Vibrating Screens

by Inwet S.A     Office in UKRAINE

Single layer vibrating screens with inertial drives divide transported materials into two fractions. Can be applied as a final screen before packing machine or other devices.

Rabtherm - Total Energy Systems

by RABTHERM AG     Office in Kiev, UKRAINE

Rabtherm builds total energy systems with guarantees of power in kW and temperature for the need of the customer. The system includes sewer pipe, heat exchanger, connecting pipes, any type of heat pumps (electric, gas motor, absorption), peak boiler, all installations in the energy plant, control systems. We designed and installed the first ...

TEKLEEN - Model CSB Series - Coarse Screen Brush

by Automatic Filters, Inc.     Distributor in UKRAINE

TEKLEEN Coarse Screen Brush (CSB) Filters are an ideal solution for incoming plant water from potentially contaminated open water sources. CSB filters are designed to filter contaminates such as algae, clams, zebra mussels, fish, leaves, etc.They are compact in size with very high flow capacity. CSB filter configurations are available with ...

Model B3000 - Automatic Compacting Balers

by Colmar S.P.A.     Office in Kyiv, UKRAINE

Max force 1. and 2. door 100 ton/each. Max force pushing piston 105 ton. Dimension of baled material 460 x 460 mm. Output 3,0 - 7,0 ton/h. Bale density c. 1100 - 1700 kg/mc. Average fuel consumption 10,0 lt/h

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