Waste & Recycling Equipment in Arizona

  • SP Industries - Model 2 cu. yd. - Heavy Duty Industrial Compactor

    Large 57' x 46' Clear Top Opening. Dry Pack Floor Design - Liquids flow into container reducing unsightly leakage and damage to the ram and frame. Meets or Exceeds ANSI Z245.2 Safety Standards. 10HP Motor 208/230/460 Volt 3PH ODP. UL Listed Electrical Components. 40 Gal. Reservoir Tank. Heavy Duty Capacity Ratchet Binder/Hooks. 5 Floor Support ...

    By SP Industries, Inc. Distributor in Tempe, ARIZONA (USA). from Industrial Compactor Product line

  • Grovhac IBC/Tote Mixers

    Grovhac Direct and Gear Drive ''Totemaster'' mixers offer portable and powerful mixing for most popular tote sizes. Gear drive mixers operate at 425 RPM. Collapsible turbines are investment cast 316SS, designed to mix material in square or rectangular containers, and fit through the 6'' center caps on totes. TEFC and Variable Speed Electric motors ...

    By BASCO, Inc Office in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Big Mouth Polyethylene Spill Pallets Contain the Biggest Spills

    What happens to a standard spill pallet if two drums leak? It overflows onto your plant floor! With a Big Mouth® pallet, you can rest easier. 100% UV-resistant polyethylene construction. Patented grid-pattern drainage deck keeps the bottoms of drums clean and dry. Multiple drain plugs at lowest points allow complete recovery of spilled liquid. ...

    By BASCO, Inc Office in Phoenix, ARIZONA (USA).

  • Chemical Sorbents

    Chemically inert, H2W’s Chemical Sorbents are ideal for use with aggressive fluids, even hydrofluoric acid. Haz-mat spills can be addressed securely and confidently.

    By H2W LLC based in Scottsdale, ARIZONA (USA). from Sorbents Product line

  • Spill Safe - Drum Scale Tanks

    The SpillSafe™ Drum Scale eliminates the headache of mixing and matching one manufacturer’s scale with another’s secondary containment system. The SpillSafe™ accurately monitors chemical usage data, such as how much has been fed and how much remains, along with providing total chemical containment in case of a leak or ...

    By Force Flow Equipment Distributor in ARIZONA (USA). from CHEMICAL SCALES / LEVEL SENSORS Product line

  • Premium

    HTI - Model B2 - Unique and Automated Lime System

    This unique and automated system feeds the correct amount of liquid lime (CACO calcium oxide) to any type of liquid biosolids for achieving EPA 503 Class 'B' stabilization results. This system can be adapted almost any type of WWTP for the stabilization of biosolids. This system provides a very simple method to achieve Class 'B' stabilization and ...

    By WeDoTanks.com LLC based in Sahuarita, ARIZONA (USA). from Wastewater Treatment Product line

  • Premium

    Septage Treatment Plant Design

    As the name might suggest, wedotanks.com® (f/k/a HTI Systems, LLC) – does tanks, and precast concrete tanks for packaged septage treatment plants are our specialty. From the design and manufacture of precast concrete tanks, through the septage treatment plant installation process,  wedotanks.com®  is a complete service ...

    By WeDoTanks.com LLC based in Sahuarita, ARIZONA (USA). from Wastewater Product line

  • Premium

    WesTech - Sludge Heating Systems

    WesTech offers sludge heating solutions for nearly any anaerobic digestion application. From mesophilic to thermophilic, WesTech's versatility and experience ensure that our sludge heating equipment will provide years of dependable service. We can provide heat exchangers to be piped into existing hot water systems or a complete boiler/ heat ...

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. Distributor in ARIZONA (USA). from Anaerobic Digestion Product line

  • Premium

    WesTech CleanWash™ - Screenings Washer

    The WesTech CleanWash™ Screenings Washer is capable of producing light gray, relatively odorless product without using expensive, maintenance-intensive mechanical agitators.

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. Distributor in ARIZONA (USA). from Headworks Screening Product line

  • Model DSP - Screw Press

    BDP developed this screw press specifically for Biosolids dewatering to provide high capacity, excellent solids capture, in a fully enclosed system with automated simple operation.

    By BDP Industries Distributor in Tempe, ARIZONA (USA). from Dewatering Product line

  • Sludge Heater & Exchanger Systems

    The JDV Sludge Heater and Exchanger Systems provide a proven technology to ensure optimum thermal efficiency for anaerobic digestion. The JDV/Ralph B. Carter counter flow high velocity tube in tube design promotes high efficiency heat transfer with minimal fouling to re-circulated sludge. The integrated three-way bleeding valve maintains a uniform ...

    By JDV Equipment Corporation Distributor in ARIZONA (USA). from Anaerobic Digestion Product line

  • Anaerobic Digester Covers

    The JDV/Ralph B. Carter Anaerobic Digester Covers, for over 50 years, have provided Municipalities and Industry a safe, proven design for efficient installation, long operation and service life of the Anaerobic Digestion Process. JDV has extensive experience in refitting your existing installation or can provide design and installation support and ...

    By JDV Equipment Corporation Distributor in ARIZONA (USA). from Anaerobic Digestion Product line

  • Schwing Bioset - Model KSP - Piston Pumps

    Originally designed to pump concrete, the Schwing Bioset piston pumps adapt easily to the rigors of wastewater treatment plant service with a proven history of reliability and ease of maintenance. Many units have operated continuously for years with 99% availability.Schwing units pump dewatered biosolids from Belt Presses, Centrifuges, Plate and ...

    By Schwing Bioset, Inc. Distributor in ARIZONA (USA). from Municipal Pumps Product line

  • Model 3DP - Belt Press

    Designed with unique features to provide higher discharge cake solids at higher feed flow rates.  The 3DP is a rugged, durable machine that will provide years of reliable service.

    By BDP Industries Distributor in Tempe, ARIZONA (USA). from Dewatering Product line

  • WRI - Model AquaTex™ AO - Advanced Water Purification (AWP) Plant

    AquaTex™ AO is an advanced water purification (AWP) plant for reclaiming, treating, and disinfecting graywater and blackwater. The AO model can also recycle treated wastewater or channel it for beneficial reuse. Whether a resort or municipality, AquaTex™ AO accommodates any size water stream by the addition of specific components to ...

    By Wastewater Resources Inc. (WRI) based in Scottsdale,, ARIZONA (USA). from Municipal Products: Product line

  • Premium

    WesTech ROMAG - Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Deflection Screens

    The ROMAG Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Deflection Screen, fitted between the discharge culvert and the relief sewer, reliably retains all visible solids when the excess flows through.

    By WesTech Engineering, Inc. Distributor in ARIZONA (USA). from Combined Sewer Overflow Product line

  • Spill Pallets

    SC-DP2: 2 Drum Spill Pallet - Capacity: 260 liters. SC-DP4: 4 Drum Spill Pallet - Capacity: 488 liters. SC-DPR: Spill Pallet Ramp. Nestable – remove the grates and stack the decks, or pallets within each other. Ideal for international shipping. Grate Pins &ndash pins keep the grates in place during use and prevent the walls from bulging. ...

    By H2W LLC based in Scottsdale, ARIZONA (USA). from Spill Containment- Spill Pallets Product line

  • John Deere - Model F440M - Fixed Chamber Balers

    Offering true multi-crop baling the F440M is ideal for medium volume use or for low volume operations where a narrow time frame means high capacity and speed are essential. Packed full of features it’s a high value package that will perform reliably, year after year.

    By John Deere Distributor in ARIZONA (USA). from Balers Product line

  • Model Q-PRESS - Screw Press

    The Q-PRESS is a screw press with a conical screw shaft and cylindrical sieves consisting of three treatment zones: inlet and drive zone, three-part thickening and dewatering zone, and press zone with pneumatic counter-pressure cone. In the first part of the thickening and dewatering zone the supernatant is quickly removed by the feed pump via a ...

    By Huber SE Distributor in ARIZONA (USA). from Sludge Treatment- Sludge Dewatering Product line

  • Model S-PRESS - Screw Press

    The Screw Press consists in a cylindrical wedge wire basket. A preceding flocculation reactor ensures a sludge flock quality that allows dewatering of the sludge flocks and stabilises the flocculated sludge. The free water drains through the basket whilst the solids inside the basket are conveyed gently upwards through the inclined basket by a ...

    By Huber SE Distributor in ARIZONA (USA). from Sludge Treatment- Sludge Dewatering Product line

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