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RemBind - Powdered Reagent

by Tersus Environmental, LLC     based in Cheyenne, WYOMING (USA)

Tersus Environmental is the exclusive North American distributor for RemBind, a powdered reagent manufactured by Ziltek Pty Ltd that binds up and immobilizes contaminants in soil. RemBind is typically added at less than 5% by weight using conventional soil blending equipment and binding occurs within 24hrs.

Model ECR EPA No. 86460-1 - Calcium Hypochlorite Granules Tablets

by Environmental Compliance Resources LLC     based in Cheyenne, WYOMING (USA)

68% Calcium Hypochlorite Free Flowing Chlorinating Granules for use in the treatment of irrigation water systems, swimming pools, drinking water, food processing water, meat and poultry processing water, vegetable and fruit wash water, algae control, etc.

Direct Fired Thermal Desorption Remediation Plant

by Trilliant Oilfield Services, LLC.     based in Casper, WYOMING (USA)

Trilliant Oilfield Services operates Thermal Desorption Units with multiple capabilities for remediation purposes. Trilliant operates the largest Mobile Thermal Desorption Unit in the United States with a throughput of 50 tons of contaminated material per hour. This is a unique, modern approach to solids disposal and cuttings remediation. Smaller ...

Model ET-1 - Oil Water Pollution Phase Separation System

by Aqua Technologies of Wyoming Inc.     based in Casper, WYOMING (USA)

Oil water pollution phase separation should be as efficient as possible. It is self-evident that operating economics are improved when crude oil, condensate, and other valuable hydrocarbons are captured for sale. Minimized hydrocarbon content also reduces the cost of pollution adsorbent media such as organoclay. The origin of the hydrocarbon ...

RemBind - Powdered Reagent

by Ziltek Pty Ltd     Distributor in Cheyenne, WYOMING (USA)

RemBind is a powdered reagent that binds up and immobilises contaminants in soil. The product is typically added at less than 5% by weight using conventional soil blending equipment and binding occurs within 24hrs.RemBind is designed to treat a range of organic contaminants including TPH, PAH, PFOS, PCBs, PCPs, and various pesticides. The product ...

Water Treatment Systems

by Aqua Technologies of Wyoming Inc.     based in Casper, WYOMING (USA)

A typical treatment system for hydrocarbon wastewater, remediation, or glycol consists of a coalescing oil-water separator followed by still bed canisters containing ET-1 Activated Clay. These still bed canisters are plumbed in series and can be followed by other process medium such as activated carbon. Our systems ET-1 Activated Clay treatment ...


by Thunder Basin Environmental Consulting, Inc.     based in Buffalo, WYOMING (USA)

Treatment of water produced by coal bed methane (CBM) recovery in the Powder River Basin of Wyoming poses a formidable challenge for environmentally sound water disposal and beneficial re-use. Group IIA metals variably present inCBM discharge water (also called alkaline earth metals) include Magnesium (Mg), Calcium (Ca), and Barium (Ba). These ...

Model CIC2.O (MCA) - Filters System

by Master Water Conditioning Corp.     Distributor in Fort Atkinson, WYOMING (USA)

Series MCA Automatic, 3-cycle Filter Control constructed of Non-corrosive Noryl®. The control valve automatically starts a regeneration cycle when ever you choose. The MCA 1' control valve is designed with a unique piston assembly that makes servicing the unit a snap! The MCA control valve is guaranteed for 5 years.


by inVentures Technologies Incorporated.     Distributor in WYOMING (USA)

When suspended in 2-inch wells, either new wells or existing monitoring wells, iSOC infuses high levels of oxygen or other gases into groundwater without bubbles, and with a very low decay rate at atmospheric pressure. Due to its low capital and operating costs, and its extreme efficiency, many US state governments are specifying iSOC for ...

CCS - Quick Latch Berm

by Custom Chemical Solutions, LLC     based in Cody, WYOMING (USA)

Designed for fracturing mixing trucks, our patent pending Quick Latch Berm comes standard in either 13” or 18” walls. Made to desired size, with this berm you simply place it on the ground, roll it out, and latch all of the Quick Latches into place and you are done. There are no parts and pieces to try to keep track of which means ...

Automated Flocculation Titrimeter

by Western Research Institute (WRI)     based in Laramie, WYOMING (USA)

The Automated Flocculation Titrimeter (AFT) automates the collection of Heithaus values, allowing users to easily and reliably predict which heavy oils and petroleum residua (including asphalts) can be mixed without causing phase separation. Typically, refiners have stopped processing too soon because they couldn’t predict when coking would ...

Posi Close Planter Wheels

by Schlagel Manufacturing     based in Torrington, WYOMING (USA)

Common rubber wheels are normally associated with the seed trench crusting and baking, or simply opening back up when they are used in wet soil. This is by far the most common complaint from farmers using traditional wheels. Posi-Close Planter Wheels will leave soft mulch on top of the seedbed to prevent crusting and baking. Posi Close Wheels will ...

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