Rare Earth Metals Recycling

Articles & Whitepapers

  • Separating Fine Iron from Powders

    Separating Fine Iron from Powders

    Effectively separating fine iron from dry powders is often challenging. Even the strongest magnetic separator may fail to successfully remove the magnetic particles. In order to find a successful solution, it is important to understand the way fine materials behave. Only then is it possible to determine the optimum method to cleanse a powder of problematic fine iron.What is a Powder?


  • Raw materials for innovative vehicle technologies

    Raw materials for innovative vehicle technologies

    "We need to make the supply chains for raw materials more sustainable for all technologies”thinkstep’s new e-mobil BW study reveals solutions for electromobility’s raw materials problem.The new e-mobil BW study conducted by ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Lamp Sorting Plant

    Lamp Sorting Plant

    Nowadays there are thousands of different types of lamp on the market. From toxic waste to rare earth metals, a wide range of materials is used in lamps and needs to be recycled at the end of the lamp’s life cycle. It is therefore necessary to sort the lamps in order to achieve an efficient recycling rate and good quality recycled products. This state-of-the-art lamp sorting machine not ...