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  • Learning More About A Tire Pyrolysis Plant

    The tire pyrolysis plant combines the batch and continuous type pyrolysis plant. The batch type plant is commonly used to feed the raw material using a batch. The machine can never feed raw material then discharge as well. Only after cooling along the plant and discharging the carbon black can another process begin.However, the continuous t

  • Closing the Loop on Chemical Recycling

    Around the globe, pressure on our resources is rising due to population growth and a growing middle class whose level of consumption is increasing. In order to match limited resources with this ...


  • Record UK Aluminium Packaging Recycling Rate

    Record UK Aluminium Packaging Recycling Rate

    The aluminium packaging recycling rate in the United Kingdom rose to a record high of 56% in 2019, up from 52% in 2018 (Environment Agency data published by National Packaging Waste Database (NPWD and reported on the Alupro website). The business ...

Equipment & Solutions

  • Bale Wrapping Systems

    Bale Wrapping Systems

    Machine types in the Rotowrap series bale wrapping system differ in terms of the components they are equipped with for automated bale conveying. The wrapping unit used to wrap bales is the same for all plant types, with these being designated Rotowrap series 30, Rotowrap series 40 or Rotowrap series 50, depending on the equipment involved.

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  • 10th International Conference on Waste Management and the Environment 2020

    10th International Conference on Waste Management and the Environment 2020

    The conference provides a forum for the exchange of scientific information and works on the current situation of waste management amongst professionals, researchers, government departments and local authorities.Waste Management is one of the key problems of modern society due to the ever-expanding volume and complexity of discarded domestic and industrial waste.Society is increasingly aware of ...