waste recycling equipment (Recycling Equipment) equipment near Portugal

  • Model TRS 550 - Recycling Screen

    TEE's proven recycling screen is a tracked model that can be operated in a wide range of primary and secondary screening applications. Our TRS 550 Recyling Screen features a two-deck German-designed recycling waste screen with Flip-Flow-Screen Elastica. This high-performance waste screen is combined with advanced technology on the bottom deck to ...

    By Terex Distributor in SPAIN. from Ecotec Range- Recycling Screen Product line

  • WtRecycle - Recycle System

    WtRecycle is the first stage of the Entech-Tru-RES for MSW applications.  It’s a MRF (Mechanical Recycling Facility).  ENTECH will cooperate with existing MRF operators, or alternatively provide new MRF based upon proven designs that are currently in operation. The WtRecycle system is as described below. Household waste is ...

    By Entech - Renewable Energy Solutions Pty Ltd. Office in West Perth, SPAIN.

  • Pellenc - Model GlassRec Series - Optical Sorting Equipment

    Developed in cooperation with Sesotec and KRS Recycling Systems, global leaders in optical sorting equipment for glass recycling, the new GlassRec series offers an intelligent sorting equipment range dedicated to the recovery of glass in mixed waste streams. With the new GlassRec Series, Pellenc ST now offers the most comprehensive product range ...

    By Pellenc ST Office in SPAIN.

  • Mavitec - Shop Return Press

    The Shop Return Press separates the organic material from various non-organic materials (Packaging) by the pressing technique. The Shop Return Press is suitable for shop returns, restaurant returns, kerbside waste and many other products that needed to be pressed.

    By Mavitec Green Energy Distributor in Barcelona, SPAIN. from Food Recycling Equipment - Wet Organic Co-products Product line

  • Mavitec - Washing Drum

    The Washing Drum cleans the removed inorganic materials from the Food Depackaging or kerbside waste recycling systems. The inorganic material will be cleaned with warm water, to make it free from fats and other organic material. This process helps to reduce the weight and the volume of the non organic materials which results in lower costs for ...

    By Mavitec Green Energy Distributor in Barcelona, SPAIN. from Food Recycling Equipment - Wet Organic Co-products Product line

  • Harmony - Model T60XD - Vertical Baler

    Put the power of the T60XD Front Load Vertical Baler to work for you. With a T60XD, there is no need for a high cost, space wasting horizontal baler. The T60XD is the vertical baler that simply gets it done! For 35 years, Harmony Enterprises has stood for the best in solid waste and recycling equipment. Harmony Enterprises balers are unequaled ...

    By Harmony Enterprises, Inc. Office in L'Union, FRANCE. from Vertical Balers Product line

  • Harmony - Model C200 - Stationary Outdoor Compactor

    Doing the job the way it should be done…the C200 Stationary Compactor. The C200 is the example of excellence in a quality, durable, and affordable stationary compactor. Since it comes from Harmony Enterprises, the world leader in solid waste and recycling equipment for over 35 years, you can be assured of its enhanced value. The rugged, yet ...

    By Harmony Enterprises, Inc. Office in L'Union, FRANCE. from Compactors Product line

  • Harmony - Model M30HD - Vertical Baler

    The M30HD is truly a little gem of a vertical baler. Its reduction capacity equals that of many larger machines. At Harmony Enterprises, we’ve been the industry leaders in the manufacturing of solid waste and recycling equipment for over 35 years. Every bit of that experience has gone into this state of the art machine. The M30HD Vertical ...

    By Harmony Enterprises, Inc. Office in L'Union, FRANCE. from Vertical Balers Product line

  • Model PMM - Multi-Material Baling Presses

    The PMM balers can be used to compact almost all compressible waste materials into high density bales. The two-ram baler PMM is a must-have tool for use in the recovery of secondary raw materials. In response to increasing material diversification to process and in order to develop new solutions for the waste-to energy processing, Copex, a solid ...

    By Copex based in Lanester, FRANCE. from Waste Recycling Product line

  • Waste Disposal and Recycling Centers Equipment

    They ensure the collection of waste, most of the time brought by private persons. They are managed mostly by local collectivities via the SICTOM, the COMMUNITIES of MUNICIPALITIES, the SIREDOM, which then ensure the selection of the best waste treatment : the recycling, the material valorization or the burying in landfills.

    By Pressor based in EVRY CEDEX, FRANCE.

  • Gervasi Ecologica - Bespoke Trailers

    Gervasi Ecologica trailers are reliable, robust and light vehicles which allow to safely transport iron, metal scraps, waste and other materials to be recycled. They can be equipped with tipping or hooklift installations, which are produced with the maximum attention to every single detail and with a large possibility of customization.

    By Gervasi Ecologica s.r.l. based in Scalenghe, ITALY.

  • Mixed Waste Processing System

    Mixed waste processing is not a new concept for Machinex. Since installing its first Municipal Solid Waste processing system in California in 2007, the company continues to be a worldwide leader in this emerging field. Machinex has the experience that makes material recovery successful for even the most advanced end markets. We have proven our ...

    By Machinex Industries Inc. Office in London, UNITED KINGDOM. from Sorting Systems Product line

  • Milton Keynes - Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Disposal

    Our professional services in Milton Keynes can assist you with all of your WEEE disposal requirements. Just call our friendly team today for more details on our cost-effective services. As element of the EU Directive put before Parliament in December 2006 and enforced on 2nd January 2007. The WEEE Directive (Waste Electrical and Electronic ...

    By Milton Keynes Waste based in Milton Keynes, UNITED KINGDOM.

  • Circulation Belt Conveyor

    The circulation belt conveyors of BOA Recycling Equipment are often applied in the corrugated industry. The BOA circulation belts convey for example trim waste, faulty or surplus cardboard material, usually with the following purpose: to discharge to another conveyor or an air exhaustion system, to transport to other machines, such as a shredder.

    By BOA Recycling Equipment BV Office in Shropshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Conveyors Product line

  • BOA - Rubber Belt Conveyor

    A rubber belt conveyor of BOA Recycling Equipment can be applied for several purposes. For instance, the BOA rubber belt conveyor (type RB) can be used as: a sorting belt in picking lines, a bunker belt (collect and store), feeding conveyor and discharge conveyor. In general, this type of conveyor is suitable to transport various kinds of (waste) ...

    By BOA Recycling Equipment BV Office in Shropshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Conveyors Product line

  • Chain Belt Conveyor

    The chain belt conveyors of BOA Recycling Equipment can be used for many applications. It is often applied as a feed conveyor to transport materials to balers or to other waste processing machines. Other ways to use our chain conveyor (in e.g. recycling or recovery facilities) are: Bunker belt conveyor: to store or collect;Discharge conveyor: to ...

    By BOA Recycling Equipment BV Office in Shropshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Conveyors Product line

  • MULTI-STREAM - Recycling Systems

    Handle C&D, MRF, and MSW all on one flexible system. The all new MULTI-STREAM recycling system gives you the flexibility to process different types of material as your incoming waste stream changes.

    By General Kinematics Office in Kingswinford, UNITED KINGDOM. from Recycling Equipment Product line

  • Kaiser Whale - Sewer Cleaning Unit

    The king of recyclers, this highly specialised unit is a sewer cleaning solution with continuous dirty water recycling. Developed in technical partnership with Kaiser AG and now the acknowledged leader in water recycling equipment in the UK. The KAISERWhale recycles the water it uses during jetting operations, thus maximising time spent working, ...

    By Whale Tankers Ltd based in West Midlands, UNITED KINGDOM. from Other Tankers Product line

  • Scavenger - Technology for the Processing of Shredder Light Fraction

    Ad Rem is proud to present the Scavenger for the processing of shredder light fraction. With this equipment it is possible to precisely separate shredder waste into different sub fractions being a fines fraction, a fuel fraction and a heavy fraction.

    By AD REM N.V. (Valtech Group) based in Menen, BELGIUM. from Recycling Systems Product line

  • Waste Recycling Conveyors System

    The waste and recycling industries require heavy duty waste handling equipment, such as belt and chain conveyors, for the demanding, harsh characteristics of these environments. With the ever increasing ability to recycle a large amount of diverse materials, waste recycling conveyors need to be able to function effectively whilst transporting a ...

    By Summit Recycling Systems Ltd. based in Staffordshire, UNITED KINGDOM. from Conveyors Product line

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