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  • How To Locate The Tyre Recycling Plant Cost

    How To Locate The Tyre Recycling Plant Cost

    If you wish to turn waste tires into oil that you can use for numerous types of purposes you are likely to want to buy a tire recycling plant. These plants are affordable and are generally durable. They allow you to turn waste into something you should use and you also won't be squandering your money whenever you buy a recycling plant. You are doing must make sure that you just are aware of the ...


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  • Materials Recovery Facilities Operation

    Materials Recovery Facilities Operation

    The Company manages and operates a Materials Recovery Facility (MRF) in Ioannina, equipped with modern machinery for sorting, compressing, packaging and standardization of recyclable products. The processing capacity is of 100 tons per day and covers all packaging waste materials from the region of Epirus. The MRF’S where the collected waste is separated and compressed, are an important ...