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  • Oil recovery from various oil contaminated soils and wastes - Case study

    A waste management company from Australia was looking for an environmentally friendly solution for oily waste with low emissions and a low carbon foot print. To save installation and commissioning time econ realized a preinstalled modular VacuDry® unit with a capacity of up to 6 tons/hr. The plant is designed for maximum flexibility and it is able to treat different types of refinery waste ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Soil Remediation Plant for Hydrocarbon Contaminants

    Soil Remediation Plant for Hydrocarbon Contaminants

    Remediation of hydrocarbon contaminants from oil lagoons and refinery waste; In 2007 econ industries delivered an indirectly heated thermal desorption plant to a client in Kuwait. The plant was designed to treat various types of waste with hydrocarbon contaminant content, in particular refinery waste, oil lagoons and down hole drilling waste. The aim is to recover the waste hydrocarbons from the ...

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  • Ecomondo Brasil - 2020

    Ecomondo Brasil - 2020

    All the expertise of one of the most important fairs of green economy in Europe; Ecomondo Italy, will join forces with the biggest renewable energy event in Latin America. The latest and trends on Waste Management (Urban, Industrial and Automotive) and Energy (Biogas and Biomass), in a B2B environment, bringing together industry professionals, service providers, research centers and public and ...