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  • In-process management of hazardous waste cuts costs

    In-process management of hazardous waste cuts costs

    Innovation from econ industries enables risk-free and cost-efficient in-process management of hazardous waste for industry. Traditionally, management of industrial waste is a four-stage process: (1) storage at source; (2) evaluation of waste disposal options; (3) collection and transportation; and (4) treatment and disposal or recycling. PyroPlas is an advanced technological solution for safe


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  • Thermowells & Tubes

    Thermowells & Tubes

    TTEC manufactures Thermocouple Assemblies for severe high temperature corrosive environments. These assemblies utilize an HR160 Thermowell or Protection Tube. HR160 is a solid, solution strengthened NI-Co-Cr-Si Alloy with outstanding resistance to various forms of high temperature corrosion attack. Outstanding High Temperature Corrosion Resistance. High levels of Cr & Si combine to form a ...