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  • Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection System
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    Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection System

    By Iris Power LP

    Electromagnetic Core Imperfection Detection (EL CID) testing is accepted world-wide for reliable and safe detection of stator core inter-laminar faults (CIGRE, 2004). Originally developed by the CEGB in England, the EL ...

  • Internal Cleaning Robot
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    Internal Cleaning Robot

    By MDB Srl

    The Internal Cleaning Robot, Mod. RII, is used in the petrochemical plants to clean tube bundles internally; extremely efficient; less shutdown time is necessary and increases production.

  • Hydraulic Milling Robot
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    Hydraulic Milling Robot

    By Hächler AG Umwelttechnik

    Hydraulically operated milling robot HF 130 is ideal for small drain pipes of 130 to 250 mm.Despite its high removal rate the HF 130 is extremely compact and very robust.The hydraulic robot allows you to carry out ...

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    KATE PMO AG, founded in 1976, was the first company in the world to manufacture remote-controlled robots for sewer rehabilitation. Today, ...

  • ProKASRO Mechatronik GmbH

    ProKASRO Mechatronik GmbH

    ProKASRO is a fullrange manufacturer and supplier for sewer rehabilitation. We provide damage diagnoses and repairs to be carried out without ...

  • amsindia

    We provide all types of Servo Drive Repairs, AC Drive Repairs, PLC Repairs, Spindle Drive Repairs, Servo Amplifier Repairs, Siemens, Fanuc Controller ...

  • Kardiam Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH & Co. KG

    Kardiam Diamantwerkzeuge GmbH & Co. KG

    We are manufacturers of professional diamond tools for the pipeline renovation (sewer rehabilitation robots) and for the construction and stone ...