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  • Copper Wound Lifting Magnets
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    Copper Wound Lifting Magnets

    By Ohio Magnetics, Inc.

    The CWX and DCWX series of copper wound lifting magnets provide maximum lift in severe-duty, tough scrap handling applications. These copper wound magnets feature either standard field or deep field designs to meet the ...

  • Container Loader
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    Container Loader

    By Construction Equipment Company (CEC)

    CEC container loader is designed to load processed scrap into ocean containers. Open the container swing doors. Back the container down the conveyor length. Turn on the conveyor and start loading. Move the container ...

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  • Bangalore Scrap Mart Inc

    Do You Want to Sell Your SCRAP?Are you Looking for Somebody who can Remove Old Furniture , Fittings and Scrap From your Office , Building or Home ...

  • Northstar International LLC

    Northstar International is an international supplier of raw materials to paper industries. The commodities Northstar International trade include the ...

  • ABM metal sdn. bhd. Malaysia

    ABM Metal Sdn Bhd was formed in 1996 with the main objective of trading in the scrap materials industry both ferrous and the non-ferrous materials ...

  • Pacific Iron & Metal

    Pacific Iron & Metal, the first of the Glant Pacific Companies. From the beginning, he instilled pride, personal and professional integrity. He also ...

  • Modern Recycling Ltd.

    Modern Recycling Ltd.

    Modern Recycling Ltd. was founded with the initial objective of collecting, sorting, recycling, and sale of plastic scraps. Modern Recycling Ltd., ...