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  • Products for Primary & Secondary Aluminum Protection

    Products for Primary & Secondary Aluminum Protection

    Before discussing aluminum protection, it is important to offer an explanation of what is meant by ‘primary’ and ‘secondary’ in the production, treatment, and application of the metal. The term ‘primary aluminum’ refers to the forging of the metal from raw alumina. Then, utilizing the Hall–Héroult electrolytic reduction process, the collaborative ...

  • Recycling end of life vehicles with COBRA KR

    We often talk about scrap in its broad sense. It’s that precious ferrous and non-ferrous scrap that recycling companies collect and transform into secondary raw materials. It is an ...


Equipment & Solutions

  • Aluminum Shredder

    Aluminum Shredder

    The Bano PREMAC Hydro is a revolutionary shredder. It is an extraordinary machine that reaches high performance in the shredding process of a huge quantity of materials like light ferrous and aluminum scrap, car bodies, industrial and urban bulky waste, wooden waste, railway sleepers, plastics, tires, etc.