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  • Individual Record Shredders As well as Their own Functions

    These days, plastic shredder machine are numerous associated with every day dealings which occur and lots of documents heading backwards and forwards. You shouldn't maintain essential documents readily available for just about all to see, particularly delicate paperwork. Because of this, individuals decide to maintain their own dealings on the internet or even


  • The Scrap Waste Rubber Recycling Machinery

    More than 100 million tires are produced each year by tire manufacturers but this also means that more than 100 million tires are discarded each year by vehicle owners. These waste tires have become a big nuisance as many people dump these illegally ...

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  • Mobile Shredding Trucks

    Mobile Shredding Trucks

    The MDS-30GT’s brilliant design results in amazing throughput and payload at an equally amazing price. The MDS-30GT is all about performance, with class leading payload of up to 14,000 lbs and throughput up to 6,500 lbs /hr. The MDS-30GT is designed to be cost efficient, reliable and competitively priced.