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  • boiler soot blower

    boiler soot blower

    During the combustion of pulverized coal in boiler, coal will turn into slag and get discharged, but still some unburnt carbon, volatile matters, fly ash will go with flue gas. These things will cool off and adhere to heating surface. They settle down on heating surface to cause problem called soot fouling and slagging. Boiler soot blower could keep boiler clean.

  • soot blower

    soot blower

    Summary for long retractable soot blowerThe long retractable soot blower (Refer to Figure 1) is mainly used to clean the soot and slag accumulated on the heating surfaces of boilers by ...


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  • Slag Detection System

    Slag Detection System

    The Slag Detection System (SDS) is the proven solution for accurate and timely detection of slag carryover in the steelmaking process, allowing plants to improve product quality, reduce slag carryover and improve operator safety. With over 60 years of application expertise in the steel industry AMETEK Land’s Slag Detection System (SDS) accurately and rapidly detects the onset of slag ...