Slag Recycling equipment for Waste and Recycling available in Europe

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    LumaSense - Model FEGT - Furnace Exit-Gas Temperature Measurement System

    Continuously measure Furnace Exit-Gas Temperature (FEGT) using Non-Contact Infrared Sensors to optimize overall performance of boilers and furnaces under varying conditions of coal quality, load, ash fouling, and slagging.

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    AMETEK Land - Model SDS-E - Slag Detection System

    The Slag Detection System (SDS) is the proven solution for accurate and timely detection of slag carryover in the steelmaking process, allowing plants to improve product quality, reduce slag carryover and improve operator safety. With over 60 years of application expertise in the steel industry AMETEK Land’s Slag Detection System (SDS) ...

    By AMETEK Land based in Dronfield, UNITED KINGDOM. from Fixed Thermal Imagers & Line Scanners Product line

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    ERG - Precious Metal Recovery Systems

    ERG technology provides the solution to your precious metal recycling requirements. The ERG range of precious metal recovery incinerators are similar in concept to solid waste incinerators and are designed to burn various waste materials in a two stage process with minimum fuel usage. Precious metals remaining in the slag after incineration ...

    By ERG (Air Pollution Control) Ltd based in Horsham, UNITED KINGDOM. from Thermal Systems Product line

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    Dutch Incinerators - Post Combustion

    The Post Combustion zone of the ROTARY KILN INCINERATOR ensures complete combustion of hazardous compounds in the flue gas, in line with international environmental regulations for the combustion of hazardous wastes.

    By Dutch Incinerators BV based in Sint Jansteen, NETHERLANDS. from Rotary Kiln Incinerators Product line

  • IEM - Ash and Slag Removers

    The IEM ash and slag removers are designed for the reliable transport of incineration remains in power plants. Their special construction makes them ideally suited for use with solid recovered fuel. IEM FörderTechnik can supply units for the removal of wet or dry slag, scraper conveyors or apron conveyors in waste-to-energy plants, RDF power ...

    By IEM FörderTechnik GmbH based in Kastl (Kemnath), GERMANY.

  • Powerscreen Feeders

    Powerscreen® Feeders are required to eliminate surges and ensure a constant feed is maintained to the screening or washing equipment. Feeders are available based on the Chieftain 600 and 1400 models. Hopper extensions can be added to increase volume.Applications:- Sand and gravel- Granite and limestone- Crushed materials- Lake and beach sand- ...

    By Powerscreen - Terex GB Limited based in Dungannon, NORTHERN IRELAND.

  • Neuenhauser - Starscreens

    Neuenhauser Umwelttechnik has more then 20 years of experience within the star screen technology. It is part of the German group of companies, The Neuenhauser Group, that was founded in 1955, with annual sales of approx. 450 million EUR and approx. 2000 employees.

    By Allan Bruks AB based in BRO, SWEDEN.

  • Model ER series - Electrohydraulic Equipment

    The ER series are electrically powered lifting accessories which incorporate an electrohydraulic control unit within the grab body. This means the units only require electrical supplies to operate. This type of equipment can be installed on harbour cranes or overhead cranes and are used in, Steel plants, incinerators and biomass plants, for the ...

    By Rozzi SpA based in Seniga (BS), ITALY.

  • CellaCast - Model PA 80 - Stationary Pyrometer

    The CellaCast PA 80 was specially designed to measure the temperature of liquid metal at the runner of a blast furnace or cupola furnace.

    By KELLER HCW GmbH based in Ibbenbüren-Laggenbeck, GERMANY. from CellaCast PA - Stationary Pyrometers Product line

  • Slag Crusher

    Crushers can be used for crushing materials that are cloddy but still easily degradable. There are availabe two types of crushers: a rotor type, which is often used as a primary crusher and a roller type, the secondary crusher after which the material can be pneumatically transported.

    By Kopar Oy based in Parkano, FINLAND. from Mechanical Material Handling Product line

  • BHS Sonthofen - Model PB - Impact Crusher

    BHS offers a wide variety of impact crushers (type PB) and mills (type PM) with horizontal shaft and ranging from low to medium capacity. With BHS impact crushers and mills, you obtain excellent crushing results with a constant grain-size curve. In the last few years, the machines have been fully redesigned based on extensive research. For you, ...

    By BHS-Sonthofen GmbH based in Sonthofen, GERMANY. from Crushing Technology Product line

  • Model SMAR - Patented Eddy Current Separator

    SMAR is a family of patented separators of Non-magnetic (non-ferrous) Metals with reinforced protection. The patent consists of introducing a third roller in the eddy current separator in order to set the winding angle of the belt around the magnet wheel. This design has many advantages :

    By Andrin SA based in Villers-la-Montagne, FRANCE. from Metal Extraction Product line

  • Siebtechnik - Linear-Motion Screening Machine

    The SIEBTECHNIK linear-motion screening machine is used to screen and dewater grainy bulk goods. Drive is provided by either double unbalance gear units (type HG, HG-E, UHG), dual-shaft drives (type DWS, DZS, HN) or by unbalance motors (type HR, HR-E, MHR). We build linear-motion screening machines with top- or bottom-mounted drive units for ...

    By Siebtechnik GmbH based in Mülheim an der Ruhr, GERMANY. from Screening & Process Equipment Product line

  • PentoMag - Model 2550 - Coal Slagging (fouling) System

    PentoMag 2550 is an additive to prevent coal slagging (fouling). The term 'slagging' is understood as formation of hard, sticky deposits covering evaporator and super-heater heat exchange tubes inside the furnace. Usually the slagging starts on the firebox tubes or around the burners, then, once a first layer has formed, fouling occurs rapidly as ...

    By Pentol-Enviro AG based in Basel, SWITZERLAND. from Coal Fired Power Plants Product line

  • Magnet Separators - Stainless Steel Separator

    Many stainless steels with only weak magnetism, which were previ-ously inseparable, can be held and separated by the pulley in this unit.

    By Wagner Magnete GmbH & Co. KG based in Heimertingen, GERMANY. from Magnet Separators Product line

  • Metal-Kicker: Slag Treatment System

    Wet slag treatment, a kind treatment where only robust, strong and intelligent machines are usable. Everyone knows from the outside those slag balls looking like icky, dirty debris. Inside, there are often many metallic inclusions. Often it is iron. While stainless steel parts normally are not into slag, those stainless steel pieces are almost ...

    By AlRec-Tec GmbH based in Mömbris, GERMANY. from Metal-Kicker Product line

  • IEM - Troughed Belt Conveyors

    IEM troughed belt conveyors are often used for larger volumes that have to be moved over greater distances. The 2- and 3-piece troughed belts are mainly suited to the high throughput of heavy bulk goods. IEM combines the system with platforms and conveyor bridges and can provide completely enclosed versions with irrigation and dust removal. The ...

    By IEM FörderTechnik GmbH based in Kastl (Kemnath), GERMANY.

  • DY - Model 6T 8T 10T - How to convert waste plastic to diesel?

    http://www.wastetireoil.comWaste plastic to diesel plant is a kind of machine that can convert waste to diesel and gasoline, you could get diesel, gasoline and heavy oil separately in the same time.How to convert waste plastic to diesel?1) FeedingIt needs the input materials shredded or crushed into small pieces less than 3-5cm for automatic ...

    By Henan DOING Renewable Energy Equipment Co.,ltd based in Zhengzhou, CHINA.

  • Coal Briquetting Plant

    The briquetting processing of the material in pieces of geometrically regular and uniform in each case form, almost the same mass - briquettes (French briquette). When Briquetting create additional raw materials of fine materials (mainly fossil fuels and ores), whose use is inefficient, or inconvenient, as well as recycled waste (culms, sludge, ...

  • Model PC-88 - Heavy Oil

    PC-88 is an additive for the combustion of heavy oils.  It is a solution of metal organic compounds of chromium, cobalt, aluminum and iron dissolved in a petroleum base solvent.  It minimizes the formation of SO3 (which causes corrosion of the boiler and slagging.) It changes the rate of combustion: oil is burned completely rather than ...

    By Asia Coal Catalyst Company based in New York, NEW YORK (USA). from Oil Fuel Chemicals Product line

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