Sludge Pasteurization

Equipment & Solutions

  • Sludge Hygienization - Pasteurization
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    Sludge Hygienization - Pasteurization

    By EKOMVO s.r.o.

    Equipment consists of recuperative exchanger, pasteurization exchanger and pasteurization container.Equipment works with undrained sludge with dry matter content 5 to 8 %.Non-treated sludge is preheated in recuperative ...

  • Continuous Sludge Pasteurization Plant
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    Continuous Sludge Pasteurization Plant

    By Bilgeri EnvironTec GmbH

    Plug-and-play sludge pasteurization plant, for a continual pasteurization and respectively disinfection of food waste and other material of similar structure, for treatment in biogas plants or sewage sludge treatment ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • EKOMVO s.r.o.

    EKOMVO s.r.o.

    EKOMVO s.r.o. company in the specialist delivering technological entities and nodes, eventually particular machines and accessories for the communal ...