Solvent-based Cleaning

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  • What is Permit to Work?

    Permit to Work is a systematic process used to authorize controlled work in nonstandard, potentially hazardous conditions. If you’ve ever hired a contractor to do work in your home or business, you should be familiar with the concept. The process includes risk assessment, establishment of safety protocol, communication and oversight to minimize Environment, Health, Safety & ...

  • How should we store the pipe plug?

    Pipe Plugs or Expandable Pipe Balloons are mainly for block and stop the flow in the pipes temporarily. Pipe balloons made from SBR + NR mixed rubber, nylon cord, Kevlar cord and strength cloths. It ...


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  • Fluoropolymer Coating

    Fluoropolymer Coating

    Sauereisen Fluoropolymer Coating 950S is a two-component liquid fluoroelastomer. It will withstand service temperatures up to 400ºF. Sauereisen No. 950-S offers excellent resistance to most acids, alkalies, and solvents common to industrial facilities.