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  • What kind of compactor do I need?

    When it comes to dealing with waste disposal you need to ensure you have the right waste-handling equipment for the job. If your business produces a lot of waste that needs to be disposed of then waste compactors are an excellent way to get the job done because they are powerful, efficient and eco-friendly, and they can save you money.There are 2 types of compactors: 

  • Machinery installed in Glasgow

    The Skypark shopping centre in Glasgow has recently taken delivery of several pieces of Gradeall equipmentSTATIC WASTE COMPACTOR WITH BESPOKE BIN LIFT HOPPERA G90 static waste ...


  • G90 installed at Scottish Bakery

    A large bakery in Glasgow has just taken delivery of a G90 static waste compactor fitted with a bin lift.The customer at times deposited waste into their old compactor via a dolav pallet box, and wanted the new bin lift to be able to deal with ...

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  • Static Compactor

    Static Compactor

    The MHM2200S static compactor is our medium to large range of compactors. Ideally suited for heavy industrial usage. This unit is ideal for general and factory use, bulky wastes and cardboard. The MHM2200S is either filled by hand or by hydraulic bin lift (wheelie bin) or fork lift truck. An extremely reliable and well built machine with a powerful compaction force. All static compactor machines ...