Textile Recycling

Equipment & Solutions

  • Squeegee Nozzle
    Showcase Product

    Squeegee Nozzle

    By GLUTTON® Cleaning Machines

    A squeegee nozzle. This enables wood, steel or aluminium chips, textile waste, and cigarette butts to be sucked up and increases the possibilities for using the Glutton® in workshops, warehouses etc. It is fitted ...

  • Feeder for Tearing Machine
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    Feeder for Tearing Machine

    By Lidem Construcciones Mecánicas S.L

    Rag tearer silo charger for feeding and dosing of tearing machines. Loading machine for storage, continuous regular mixing and feeding of tearing machines for preparing stuffing processes for recycling textile ...

  • Textile Sort Systems
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    Textile Sort Systems

    By Siam Recycling System Co.,Ltd (S.R.S.)

    Specially designed systems to suit the individual requirements of each customer. The standard sorting lines consist of an Easy Feed, a low initial platform for removal of heavy material such as blankets, coats etc., an ...

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    Recycling in Textiles

    An increasing amount of waste is generated each year from textiles and their production. For economic and environmental reasons, it is necessary that ...

Companies & Suppliers

  • Chris Carey`s Collections

    Chris Carey`s Collections provides textile Recycling banks to organisations, Local Authorities, Schools and corporations.

  • Ausonia S.r.l.

    Ausonia S.r.l.

    Established in 1986. Manufactures hydraulic presses and compactors for volume-reduction and packaging of paper, cardboard, drums, plastic, foam ...

  • Salvation Army Trading Co Ltd

    Salvation Army Trading Company Ltd (SATCoL) is the UK’s leading textile recycling company. Established in 1991, this year SATCoL is celebrating 20 ...

  • Jinan Morinte Machinery Co.,Ltd

    Jinan Morinte Machinery Co.,Ltd

    The professional manufacturer of textile waste recycling machine, opening machine, cutting machine and baling machine, we can provide the full ...

  • Polygenta Technologies Limited

    Polygenta is a leadint recycled polyester yarn manufactuer supplying to high-end textile segment.