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  • A Waste Tyres Pyrolysis Plant Can Work To Save The Environment

    Initially it could appear to be tyre can be a miracle material that is able to be molded into millions of different items that last nearly forever. They resist sunlight and so are totally waterproof, can be done strong and still be lightweight. So what’s wrong using that picture? Well, these wonderful benefits are why the planet is nearly buried in waste tyre from every country, city, and home. ...


  • How To Look For The Price Of The Tire Recycling Plant

    How To Look For The Price Of The Tire Recycling Plant

    The tire recycling plant is a major investment, but the cost will vary depending on how big the plant is and whether it be automatic or semi-automatic. This plant takes waste tires and turns them into oil. The plant is simply the thing you will need ...

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  • tire tripling doubling machine

    tire tripling doubling machine

    Our tire tripling doubling machine is easy to pack 2 used tires in one without any problems. Now I am writing to introduce how to use our tire tripling packing machine.The general structure of our tire tripling doubling machineOur tire tripling doubling machine is composed of one working platform, one iron leg and two iron rollers as well as an air cylinder. The iron rollers are fixed on the ...