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  • Things You Should Know About Tyre Pyrolysis Plant Cost

    Are you presently searching for waste tyre pyrolysis plant cost? If you're planning to set up a pyrolysis plant for converting waste tyres into oil and other useful products, you need to know that this can be a capital intensive business. The pyrolysis plant is not going to come cheap. With regards to the cost is involved, it depends ...

  • How To Locate The Tyre Recycling Plant Cost

    If you wish to turn waste tires into oil that you can use for numerous types of purposes you are likely to want to buy a tire recycling plant. These plants are affordable and are generally durable. ...


  • Kirklees Council Invests in Vehicle Safety Technology

    Kirklees Council Invests in Vehicle Safety Technology

    Kirklees Council is equipping its new waste and recycling fleet with the latest vehicle safety technology. The 21 new vehicles are being fitted with camera recording systems, reverse radar and the Cyclear cyclist warning system from UK vehicle ...

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  • Waste Shredder System

    Waste Shredder System

    Shredders from Mercodor GmbH Sondermaschinenbau KG will help you keep your waste problem in hand. Our shredding systems provide a solution for commercial and industrial enterprises to reduce their waste volume economically and effectively. By choosing the right cutters and using special inserts or attachments, it is a simple matter to design a machine to take account of the material to be ...